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  1. Unishot

    Replacement Dash Panel

    You might want to get a piece of brushed stainless steel or aluminum cut and place over it. Any sheet metal shop could do it on the cheap. You could even do a vinyl wrap on it to make it look how you want...such as carbon fiber/wood grain/etc. Screw holes can be punched in it and you could...
  2. Unishot

    Vinyl OEM?

    Hard to say, but it's probably going to be Spradling. I wold take a cushion to a place that does boat interiors/vinyl repairs and match it up with their samples. They will probably have many manufacturers that you can compare it to. Very good chance that it has faded somewhat with age, and even...
  3. Unishot

    Vacuum Recommendation for new 2019 Pontoon

    Leaf blower. Nuff said. Blows everything out instantly. Takes about 5 minutes. I have carpet as well, and it works great. About twice a season I hose off the carpet with a bit of detergent and mud stains rinse right out. My boat is a 2009, and it has not been a problem in all those years...
  4. Unishot

    USB AUX input

    I would take it out and put a 12 V outlet, like a cigarette lighter. Then you can plug-in a wide variety of different adapters, such as a dual USB, triple USB, etc. We use ours to power the 12 V air pump for inflatables too.
  5. Unishot

    Easiest way to monitor battery activity

    If you have a amplifier on your stereo, and hang out with it cranked up, yes, you can definitely run the battery down. A solar charger would be a good idea, and keep a hand-held voltmeter on board to check the battery periodically while using the stereo with the engine off.
  6. Unishot

    Fresh water tank

    I turn on the faucet and run it dry after each outing. Then leave the fill cap loose for a bit of airflow. In the off season I flush the tank out once or twice with a very small amount of bleach added to a few gallons of water and slosh it around. Then rinse with a tankful of fresh water. Never...
  7. Unishot

    Stereo upgrade options - after the fact

    I got Kicker 6.5" speakers and a Kicker subwoofer. Using a 300 watt JL Audio Marine monoblock amp for the sub, and a JL Audio 100 watts per channel marine amp for the 6.5" speakers. The head unit is a Kenwood marine model which I chose because it had 4 volt pre-outs. It sounds fantastic. Not an...
  8. Unishot

    Media Blasting Pontoons with calcium deposits at water line

    You can acid wash them with great success. Get the aluminum brightener from NAPA auto parts, about $18 a gallon. 2 gallons gets all of my toons (inside and out) REALLY clean. Mix it 50/50 with water. IF that doesn't do it, you can always use a bit straight from the bottle, or let it sit longer...
  9. Unishot

    Trailer guides for elliptical tubes

    Pontoon has a set of four that bolt to the trailer frame. The last crossmember on the trailer, just in front of the engine, is useless for guides. Your boat floats on the water. With your trailer backed down the ramp, they will be too far underwater and won’t be of any use. Mount them...
  10. Unishot

    PTM Edge mirror

    Don't forget you can also fold it forward. That is how I do mine, as it tucks nicely between the starboard lounger and the windscreen.
  11. Unishot

    Steering Wheel

    Great Lakes Skipper. I saw they had one there the other day, and almost bought one.
  12. Unishot

    Front Gate

    Keep in mind that while underway, NO ONE should be allowed to get up from a seated position, ESPECIALLY with the front gate open. One misstep or off-balance move, and someone could fall off the front of the boat with catastrophic results. They would be "funneled" between the pontoons to the...
  13. Unishot

    Carpet wet under table

    Use marine grade caulk, of course.
  14. Unishot

    Ptm Edge offer for a group buy.great deal if you've been looking for a mirror.

    It’s not the two screws that secure the bracket to the rail, it is the two screws that are at the pivot point of the arm, by the hinge.
  15. Unishot

    Ptm Edge offer for a group buy.great deal if you've been looking for a mirror.

    See my earlier post. I had the same issue. Try loosening the two horizontal screws at the base of the arm. That may solve the problem, according to the rep at PTM.
  16. Unishot

    Some other research worth considering,....tralier the pontoon,or rent a slip at the dealer!

    Remember you still have to drive to where the boat is, and home. For me, it literally takes less than five minutes hook the boat up to my truck. And less than five minutes to unhook it. Launching takes no more than 10 minutes and retrieving about the same. It’s really not much time at all...
  17. Unishot

    Docking question

    Just put about 10 or 20 large sand bags in the back of the boat.
  18. Unishot

    Table and leg

    You'll probably have to go aftermarket or buy a currently offered tabletop/base from Bennington. My educated guess is that if you call a dealer, they will tell you the exact tabletop that came with your 2010 boat is no longer made. The current tabletops from Bennington are going to run you about...
  19. Unishot

    2008 Benningtom 2575 qxi steering wheel trim

    I have one missing as well. I'd pay dearly for one if you can source it. Please post back if you find a seller.