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  1. JBL

    Jack Plate-yes or ne

    Would a jack plate make much difference on a 2250GSR with a 250.  Currently get 47 per GPS on a rough day.  Will it help top speed and or handling?  I currently have a 14.5 x 19p sws prop.  The 17p hit the rev limiter at 43mph.   Basically, is it worth the cost for the results?
  2. JBL

    Seagrass flooring and 303

    Which 303 product do you use on seagrass carpet?  I know it is a vinyl. bit not sure if I should use the fabric protectant or the regular vinyl product.
  3. JBL

    Delivery set for Saturday

    Dealer sent me pictures of my 2250 GSR I will pick up on Saturday.  Ready to get her wet.  Pictures are in my gallery.  It has been a long wait since July 19.
  4. JBL

    What are the changes for the 2015 G models

    Anybody know what changes Bennington is making for the 2015 models.  I ordered a 2250GSR 3 weeks ago and I understand, according to the forums, with a build date sometime in Sept. it will be a 15 with any new changes Bennington does for the new year.  Just would like to know......of course the...
  5. JBL

    Will put a deposit down Sat. on a 22 GSR

    Excited to put my deposit on a 22 GSR, 250 yamaha with tons of options.  I added the power bimini.  Is this a dependable option?  I have a covered lift and think I will use it a bunch.  All the LED options, ESP with center storage, raised helm.  What am I missing guys.  I am coming from a Misty...