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  1. Unishot

    Power Steering?

    So my 2577 RFi is very easy to steer. Even with the 150 Yammie going full blast. You can stick a finger in the spoke of the steering wheel and turn it with just the finger. I can see it has the Sea Star hydraulic steering, but I'm wondering if it is actually power-assisted as well. (I bought...
  2. Unishot

    Am I propped right?

    Hello everyone. I've been thinking that I may not have the right prop on my boat. I bought it used, and it does not have the original prop on it. Here are some details, and I am hopeful someone here can enlighten me if I should expect better performance: The boat is 26' long, with twin 32"...
  3. Unishot

    Quick question: Gauge dimmer

    Just recently purchased a 2009 2577 RFI. Of course, there is no owners manual. I'm under the impression that the gauges are backlighted and have an adjustable dimmer based on what I read on another site that listed of all the specs for the boat. The gauges have on this boat have the steppable...
  4. Unishot

    Letter Designations/Models

    I just purchased a 2009 2577 RFi. Is this considered an R series level boat? Is there a guide somewhere to what all the letters designate after the model number?
  5. Unishot

    New owner: Bow anchor question

    Greetings all! I picked up my new-to-me 2577 RFI last week. The trailer winch attaches to a metal eye underneath the bow about 18" or so back from the front of the boat. (There is no extended front deck outside the railings....). This appears to be the only place for me to attach an anchor rode...