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  1. azray007

    Lake Jocassee

    Howdy!  We live around Charlotte, NC and have been hearing tells of this secret lake paradise called Lake Jocassee in SC.  I believe the boat access is in Devil's Fork state park.   It's not a bad drive for us to do a day...
  2. azray007

    Anodized Rub Rails

    Good day everyone!  I purchased a new Bennington last year and I used the heck out of it.  While I was out having fun, I was not diligent protecting my anodized aluminum rub rails.  My boat still looks great, but my rub rails show some serious age.  Does anyone have any suggestions for removing...
  3. azray007

    Water Drains (Gauge Trays)

    Good day everyone, I read on a post a long time ago where someone addressed the water that puddles below the gauge clusters.  I am considering drilling a hole to let the water out, but doing so would allow the water to flow to close to my electrical connections.  Has anyone made drain holes...
  4. azray007

    Friday the 13th

    Tomorrow is Friday the 13th...but around Charlotte it's going to be a sunny 69-74 degree day.  It's a lucky day for us.  I'm taking a half day tomorrow and getting a little sunshine.  You've got to love January boating in NC!  I can't wait for another ride on our Bennington!
  5. azray007

    Bimini Height / Playpen Straps

    Good day everyone, I have a couple questions regarding the playpen straps and the trailering/storing height of the Bimini. 1.  On the rear of the playpen cover, there are two straps that are made into the material.  One strap faces to the right and one faces to the rear yet they are made...
  6. azray007

    Paint Advice

    Good day everyone, While out this weekend on the pontoon, I noticed something on the side of the boat.  When I used my fingernail to remove the bug, my fingernail scratched into the paint.  I've noticed that my pontoon boat scratches really easy.   My wife has been all over me to let it go...
  7. azray007

    Prop Help

    Good day everyone, I just realized there is a separate prop forum.  I need a little advice and help.   :unsure: My prop is a Yamaha Reliance 14.25 x 17 and I have a 24 SSWX SPS with a Yamaha F200B outboard.  We have the center storage triple toon and our boat is almost always loaded...
  8. azray007

    Shallow Water Power Pole on a 24' Benni

    Good day everyone, I'm still working on some add-ons. :)   I was reading through the forums and saw where some Benni vessels had shallow water anchors (power poles) installed.  I've seen them before and think they are really neat; however, can they handle holding a 24' triple toon?   I...
  9. azray007

    Boat Fan (Wife wants one)

    Good day everyone and an early Happy 4th of July to you!  My wife and I beach our boat often and since the Benny is like a BMW on the water, she wants a fan to keep her cool while lounging in the rear recliners.  I've had USB ports installed all over the boat, but I don't think they will provide...
  10. azray007

    Boat Navigation Lighting - for night visability

    For those who boat at night, what brand of spotlight do you use?  I see boats all the time with just the normal navigation lights, but after being on many night cruises and night fishing, I've seen the debris and especially logs floating by.  To me, it's dangerous to not have some additional...
  11. azray007

    Yamaha 200 Prop Question

    Good day everyone, For anyone with the Yamaha 200 HP 2.8L 4 stroke (F200XBDF), have you experienced your prop catching air/slipping.  I have a Yamaha Reliance SDS 14 1/4 x 17.  The motor is mounted in the second hole down on the transom.  When going a low RPM, everything is great.  When I hit...
  12. azray007

    Pontoon Boat Accessories

    I ran across this today.   After seeing that, I knew there must be some pretty impressive Benningtons out there that have been personalized.  What are the best accessories you've added to your Benny?  Please post pictures!   :ph34r:
  13. azray007

    Anyone install a TV on their Benny?

    So I took the Benny on her maiden voyage this weekend.  Everyone was extremely impressed with the build and layout...and that Yamaha 200 on the back!  While folks were looking it over, the one thing everyone was surprised about was there wasn't a TV stashed away somewhere.  These folks I mention...
  14. azray007

    New Boat Owner, anything I should do prior to my first voyage?

    Ok, I'm now an official member of the Bennington family and my old boat is now the property of my boat dealer.  I always here, if I would have done "x", I would have been much better off in the long run.   So, with that said, before my first voyage, is there anything I should spray on the...
  15. azray007

    Bennington 24SCWX Configuration; opinions welcome!

    Good day everyone, I took a test ride on a Bennington 24SCWX with a Yamaha 200 triple toon today.  The purpose of the ride was to see if the 200 was worth the cost over a 150 for me.  So far I have been totally focused on the SSRX layout.  After riding around on the vessel for a bit, the SCWX...
  16. azray007

    In Floor Storage

    Good day everyone! I'm still working on my boat build.  For those who have the in floor storage, is it a can't live without option that you will have to have on your next boat?  I've read about water in the center toon and making sure you leave the hatch open when storing the boat.  What kind...
  17. azray007

    Pets & Flooring

    Good day, Me again, I had some questions with regards to flooring choices.  My hazards, sand and 4 miniature dachshunds.  We beach our boat in a sandy area.  Our 4 weiners are not the best at always using the restroom on land.  While I would hope for no accidents, I know something is bound to...
  18. azray007

    Blackout Package - how well does it hold up?

    Good day everyone!  I started a post but being a newbie, my topics and follow-up questions went all over the place.  I feel pretty good about my boat build except one lingering question.  The blackout package looks fantastic, but how well does it hold up?  Does it scratch easily and does it get...
  19. azray007

    Engine Size & Blackout Package & Other Newbie Questions

    I'm new to the forum and am getting ready to order my family a pontoon.  We currently have a Sea Ray Bow Rider but those days are coming to an end.  I've done some test rides on a 24S with a 115 on a normal pontoon, and a 24S with a 150 tritoon.  Both engines were Yamaha's.  I'm leaning towards...