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    Looking for SUP brackets / holder

    We’re looking for a way to carry our SUP Boards on our Bennington. What are folks doing? I know an inflatable SUP is an option - but we have two rigid SUP boards and aren’t really looking to change that. I was looking at the SurfStow SUPRAX - Anyone had any luck with these...
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    Kicker KMC10, speakers, amp, sub questions . . .

    so - still trying to figure out what to do with my stereo. Boat came with the Kicker KMC10 and stock speakers. I just picked up 4 Kicker 45KM654 6.5s to replace the stock Benny speakers. I also already picked up and installed a Kicker Hideaway 8” Powered sub -...
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    Prop conundrum - 22SSRX Yamaha 150

    Purchased my boat last year - 22 SSRX Tritoon with SPS, Yamaha F150XB Ran a Reliance 15x15 (4 blade) all last summer and was only reaching low 5000rpms at WOT - hitting low-to-mid- 30mph range.. Took it in for my 20hr service and they put a 14.5x14 (3 blade) on it. First time it started to...
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    SUP brackets?

    Has anyone found any good rail-mounted (or other) SUP brackets for their boat? I need to get something to hold at least one SUP . . . Thx- -D
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    Lowering front Bimini

    I need to lower my front Bimini to get my boat in my garage. Before I go at this thing and risk breaking something - does anyone know how to release the Bimini clips on the front Bimini?