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    Water flow sounds from toons

    When parked with the motor off, I hear what sounds like water flowing through/along the outside toon. Anyone ever noticed this?
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    Advice, Shopping for a Benny 22 or 23

    We just bought a 2020 SXP 23' Quad Bench layout w/Yamaha 150 tritoon SPS. Not sure I can get it to 40, but really close with an empty boat. Still plenty of power to pull a tube with 4 or 5 passengers. Turns great. I thought I may regret not getting the 200, but now I have no regrets. 150 is...
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    painting tubes

    I believe I've seen on this forum that someone had their wrapped in a black film. Looked awesome. Sounds better than painting.
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    Boat lettering suggestions

    There are 3 options on the domed website. What are the differences?
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    Bennington Production

    Thanks all. Not looking good to get on the water by Memorial Day :(
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    Bennington Production

    Bennington told our dealer that they are delayed 3 weeks so may be safe to assume your new build date is tomorrow or there about, but you dealer should be able to provide you your new date although ours is still waiting for confirmation of the date from Bennington.
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    Bennington Production

    When did you all put your order in with your dealer? We ordered ours in mid-March and our dealer hasn't received any potential build dates from Bennington yet. Just trying to gauge our timing with someone who has or is receiving their boat. Thanks guys!