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    Question regarding Pitch and 3 versus 4 blades

    If I could recommend one other thing, don’t just record RPM at WOT but also speed at different RPMs and fuel efficiency (if you have the ability). You may find that many props give you close to the same top end (and target RPM) but the low and mid-range are dramatically different than the...
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    Question regarding Pitch and 3 versus 4 blades

    4 blade makes sense if you want hole shot for popping water skiers, pulling tubers or moving a lot of weight, but as Dejawiz stated there are many variables to prop design (cup, rake, etc) beyond simple blade count, diameter and pitch. In some cases a 4-blade can actually have better overall...
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    Excited about our new 21SLX

    Apparently singing props are a “thing”. Do a google in The Hull Truth and you’ll see some threads on it. Read that aluminum props are especially susceptible and chamfering the prop edge can solve it. Too much edge modification can be detrimental however so most recommend a prop shop to...
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    Yamaha 90 VMAX SHO vs. 'Standard' 90

    Correct, and specifically they refer to gearcase diameter. K is 4.25” vs M/T is 4.75” (150-300hp ob’s)
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    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    Yeah good point, re-reading my own post made my head hurt.
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    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    Everything is customizable. My DEC package originally showed the SIMRAD setup and I said no - I was going to use my aftermarket MFD (Garmin) to pull engine data which made any expensive interface no longer necessary. So I opted for the round 6y8 Yamaha gauges as the base set to save $$ and...
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    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    I don’t have picture of my setup at the ready but the picture below is pretty inclusive except for the motor control module. Binnacle will be in the same location, gauges same location (depending on which ones you option for, Command Link vs CL plus) several wiring harnesses in the helm...
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    Soon to be a Proud 20SLG Owner!

    Agreed with Viking and others, based on your needs you may want to strongly consider a few of these upgrades, even at the expense of crossing that red line in your budget. A few considerations: 1) you have laid out your wants as far as recreational functions, but what about safety? Your lake...
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    Unable to refuel 2015 Bennington 18S

    Found this in the search
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    Question about pontoon construction

    If the water ever clears up I’ll throw the ol’ snorkel on and go for a dip. Maybe finally put my $400 GoPro to use that I’ve used exactly twice in four years. Cross fingers it’s a strake!
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    Flat ride on water VS. nose up tritoon ride

    Prop selection can determine stern or bow lift as well. 4-blades typically offer greater hole shot and stern lift at the expense of top speed. Greater amounts of blade rake generally increase top speed but have less stern lift. As other have mentioned it’s a series of tradeoffs, but it’s...
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    Question about pontoon construction

    Hey Kahuna - did it look like this? Just noticed on my last outing. Only on the starboard tube and little coming from the center tube so if from the lifting strake not sure why the port doesn’t do the same. But it stops after a few minutes so it would make sense that the strake “empties”...
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    Prop test data

    Well, at this point I feel pretty close to dialed in so I have the benefit of time - as long as it arrives by Christmas! Maybe Mrs. Claus will throw in a 100 hour service in the ol’ stocking. I do think the SWS is a very good, efficient prop, and while top speed is great for bragging rights...
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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    Not sure if this was answered but do you have the underskinning/wave tamer? Makes a huge difference. Also mount the prop yourself, very simple - save some $$ and get it done ASAP. I have a Q3 17 on a 23’ and run 49. Good prop you will be happy. As others have mentioned most of us could...
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    Double Bimini top.....

    I’ve heard of some bass tournament guys intentionally flooding their bilge to gain those few inches and pumping out once on the other side. That’s pretty creative and/or stupid.
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    Prop test data

    I’m sticking with the Q3 17 for now. Once I swap the SWS 19 with the dealer I will also test that prop, but depends on what effect raising the motor has. If I pick up only a few hundred RPM I may go with a 17 but if it’s more then I may try the 18 based on the 5300 rpm I could turn with the...
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    Prop test data

    Acceleration data for posterity. 1/2 tank of fuel, 1 person but choppier conditions. Unfortunately I was relying on my chartplotter which pulses speed data in 1 second increments and I don't have an analog speedo to measure fractional seconds. Still should paint a picture that it seems to be...
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    Prop size

    Yeah that’s a heavy boat. Here is a performance bulletin by Yamaha with a 425 in it getting 50mph, so I would imagine the 400 should be able to get close. Although is the 400 the supercharged 6? Not sure of the TQ output versus a V8. Prop in the test appears to have some serious diameter...
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    Comment by 'Potomacbassin’' in media '9B837502-7F50-4262-B325-3EB77642A676.png'

    Correct - according to the dealer this is the first custom to do so, so they have the blueprint in the files if anyone else wants to use it. They should make it a standard option, it really make a ton of sense! Only change I would make is that the seats opposite of the bench on the dinette...
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    Prop size

    Not sure when the dealer ordered these props but MANY of the popular and better performing props are very backordered. Talked to Ken at Propgods and he said some of the foundries had to shutdown due to Covid - combine that with boat sales going through the roof and there is just a shortage of...