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  1. Bama Kat

    2 questions, rear facing speakers & ipad holder

    I see where the new Bennington's have rear speakers so you can hear your music while floating in the water but has anyone mounted speakers on the rear of their toon so you can hear the music better while in the water? if so, how & where did you mount them? does anyone use an ipad on the boat...
  2. Bama Kat

    Blue LED lights under deck

    For those that have the LED lights under their deck that light up the water & toons, can you run with them on at night? On the lake I am on you can only turn them on when anchored. The marine police say it interferes with the navigational lights but you can still see my red & green lights. Looks...
  3. Bama Kat

    Trim for the most speed

    With all this talk on speed, at what trim location do you get the most speed? I have always had an I/O and with it you trim it all the way down and then come up just a little as you get planned out. In playing with the toon and the outboard I have found that it turns faster & sharper if you trim...
  4. Bama Kat

    Do the steps on the ladder hurt your feet?

    I have the 4 step upgraded ladder, do the grooves in the rubber pads hurt the bottom of any one else's feet getting in the boat? Have you found a fix? I had 2 Sea Rays before coming over to the Benny and never had trouble on the other ladders.
  5. Bama Kat

    Coolers on the Toon

    Does anyone strap their cooler in front of the playpen or behind by the motor to get it out of the way? if so how do you strap it down?