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  1. ssc

    Holy ---- Shark Attack

    One of my hobbies is Surfing photography. I usually go to Hawaii for the contests in December. I will be going for the Pipeline Masters this year. Hence, I follow the contests. Today at the J-Bay open in South Africa (Jeffreys Bay) Mick Fanning was in the final Heat and waiting for a wave when...
  2. ssc

    Rub Rail Pays Off

    Last week after a nice cruise, it was time to load the boat on the trailer. The wind had come up a bit. As I was loading, (and this happened once before) something catches on the front part of the trailer and causes the stern to swing to the port. Not a big deal, reverse and readjust and load on...
  3. ssc

    Boys were chasing the Girls

    We were out for a cruise today. The boys were chasing the girls. Cheers, Steve
  4. ssc

    Got A Woody On The Pier

    Sure am glad Spring is here after our long winter. Got a Woody, actually a few, on the Huntington Beach Pier. It was the annual HB car show. Cheers, Steve
  5. ssc

    The Weather Is Here; Wish You Were Beautiful

    It was 87 here. It is also the start of the spring break season. The Bennington ran like a champ. Saw 50MPH today. Had 4 people, coolers and a full tank of gas, plus double bim up. Saw a tritoon running fast with one person and no bim. He had an IO. As he came by, I dropped the hammer. The wife...
  6. ssc

    Good For A Chuckle

    I was over at River Daves. Check out this thread for a good chuckle. Cheers, Steve
  7. ssc

    Balloon Fest

    This weekend was Balloon Fest in Lake Havasu. We had great weather. The whole family came down. In addition to good times, I got to try out a new lens. Time to go for a boat ride. I have pics in my gallery. Cheers, Steve  
  8. ssc

    AO Coolers

    On my way back from lunch today, I stopped by AO Coolers to pick up another cooler. I think their products are outstanding. I know that there has been a thread in the members forum. As I was talking to the folks, I asked if they still had the Bennington logo. They do. I then left my contact info...
  9. ssc

    Lake Havasu Cruise

    Spent a few hours cruzin. It was about 79 and plenty of sunshine. We did have a bit of a breeze. I always keep my double bimini up and had about 38 gallons of gas and 5 people. Spent a bit of time in Copper Canyon. This is one of the famous party places in lake Havasu during the summer. It was...
  10. ssc

    Just Another Day

    Another hobby is biking. I ride both modern and vintage bikes. So a few of us hit the beach yesterday for a day of riding, photography and people watching. It was a brisk 84. Went from Balboa to Huntington Beach for lunch. Then enjoyed the sights. As sunset neared, we rode to a place that I like...
  11. ssc

    2014 Deals

    Got an email from my dealer. I had heard they blow out the old to make room for the new. They seem to have some good deals. The 2550 rsr is a nice loaded boat with a 300 verado. It is red and black. I have been out on this boat. I would have bought it, but the wife was adamant that she wanted...
  12. ssc

    Update 2550 GSR Merc 300 Verado ESP

    Just a quick update. Running a 16p enertia. I always have my double Bim up. Only have 10 hours on the boat. I have been playing with the trim. Generally the air temp is above 100 and water around 80. Holeshot is great as is midrange. So far the top end is 48.5 gps at approximately 6000 rpm...
  13. ssc

    Paint vs Vinyl Numbers

    On my other boat I had custom painted reg numbers and name. Since I have never had a pontoon, I wanted to know what people think. Do most people have the reg numbers painted on or use vinyl numbers? Thanks for you thoughts, Steve
  14. ssc

    Loon Toon

    I was at the marina. This guy tells me he has a "loon Toon." Claims it is not fast but has a special tow package. I figure since I am new to pontoon boats that it must be one more thing to learn. I see him later on the water and it becomes perfectly clear. Cheers, Steve
  15. ssc

    The Toon has Arrived

    We ordered our 2550 GSR at the end of May. We took possession on Aug 1. Our buying experience was excellent. At this time, my time on the boat is very limited.  So far, I am very happy with the boat and the performance. Before I think of making any modifications, I will need to become familiar...
  16. ssc

    Lake Havasu

    I spend my boating time on Lake Havasu from the springs up past Topock. I enjoy the gorge and the wildlife. Anyone else spend their time boating in Havasu? Cheers, Steve
  17. ssc

    Let the Wait Begin

    After much research and demo rides, we finally made a decision. The wife and I ordered a 2550 GSR with ESP and the 300 verado etc. Got it ordered to our specs as opposed to buying something that wasn't quite what we wanted, because we didn't want to wait. We are very happy and looking forward...
  18. ssc

    24 scwx io info

    Does anyone have any reports or reviews on the performance of the 24 scwx io boat with the 5.0? My dealer has one in stock. I have tested a RSR with a 300 verado and am getting ready to order a GSR with the 300 verado, but I hate to wait. Thanks, Steve