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  1. JTaylor

    Bimini Incident

    Well, I screwed the pooch this past weekend.  I had our double bimini up and accelerated to about 35 mph, but it was into a 15 mph wind.  The front mounts gave way and the entire front bimini and framework flew up and back, pulling out all the front bimini mounts and one of the rear bimini...
  2. JTaylor

    Residue from Mooring Cover

    I’m having an issue with my crimson red mooring cover.  I noticed right as I was putting the boat away for the season last fall that there was some red reside (dust) on the top of my lounger seats.  All this season I've been getting red residue on my clothes as I take the cover off/on and brush...
  3. JTaylor

    Need to Prime Replacement Fuel/Water Separator?

    As part of the boat prep for the new season I will be replacing the 10 micron fuel/water separator (Yamaha blue canister).  Do I need to fill the new one with gas before I put it on?  My internet research on this is mixed -- some say to do it, while others say the normal course of...
  4. JTaylor

    2nd Anchor

    I’m very happy with my small box anchor as my primary anchor, but I’m thinking I need another anchor for the few times I want to deploy a 2nd anchor to control the swing of the aft end of the boat. I’m sure a baby box anchor would work great as a 2nd anchor, but it seems like overkill (price...
  5. JTaylor


    For all you new 200 owners -- make sure you check your placard/capacity plate.  Mine says the max horsepower is 150, with 13 people max.   My dealer is contacting Bennington to get a new one which says 200 HP, and it will lower the max people to 12. 
  6. JTaylor

    First Dent

    So me and the missus were out practicing our “crew coordination” for docking while the marina is still mostly deserted, and it was a bit windy.  What an education on how much a 24 foot pontoon is influenced by the wind. We had some issues with one approach, and while we were focused on the bow...
  7. JTaylor

    Finally Delivered!

    We took delivery of our 24 SLX3 today!  I had never driven an SPS before but was very pleased with the handling, and the F200 was just awesome. I knew I couldn’t post this without being hounded for pictures, so I have attached some low res ones to allow them to upload, and also put some in my...
  8. JTaylor

    Pics from the factory! (But wait, there’s a problem)

    After seeing how Lakeliving (Andy) got pictures of his boat being built, I asked my dealer if he could get us pictures of ours being built as well.  Here is what the factory sent, along with their apologies about the quality of the photos. However, we immediately noticed that the seats...
  9. JTaylor


    One of the last decisions I have in ordering my boat is whether or not to get Sharkhide.  I’ve seen some positive comments about it on this board, but the dealer is a little ambivalent about how well it works (although he admits he’s only been selling toons for a couple years and doesn’t have...
  10. JTaylor

    Ordering First Bennie

    After many months of looking and researching I’m just about to sign the purchase order on ordering my first boat, a 2014 24SLX3 Tritoon with SPS, extended bow, double bimini, upgraded Captain’s chair, GPS, privacy enclosure, etc.  We’ll operate it on the Potomac River in northern Virginia and...