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  1. Zeeman

    Yamaha 90 VMAX SHO vs. 'Standard' 90

    Top end speed of a few miles an hour makes no real difference out on the water except in your wallet
  2. Zeeman


    Right at 23 which is plenty fast for our small lake :)
  3. Zeeman

    Garmin Striker 4 on 20' Toon

    Ours is mounted to the lower right of the steering wheel and good choice in adding it. It shows GPS speed of the boat, water temp, time and of course depth
  4. Zeeman

    Soon to be a Proud 20SLG Owner!

    :) marina life is the best!
  5. Zeeman

    Soon to be a Proud 20SLG Owner!

    Enjoy! You wont regret it
  6. Zeeman

    Soon to be a Proud 20SLG Owner!

    Wow! Beautiful lake and congratulations! We have the SFV20 with a 90hp Yamaha. First off boating is all about what you want in particular. Your situation sounds much like ours as in the use of the boat. You will love the quality as Benny’s are very solid and ride like a boss even when the lake...
  7. Zeeman

    New to boating, 1st Bennington

    Congratulations! Awesome boat!
  8. Zeeman


    I would think the mph difference between the 70 versus the 90 is just 2-3 mph. I get 22 mph on my 90 with a full load which is fine for us on our small lake. I would guess you could get pushing 20 mph with a 70 depending on load. IMHO 20 mph for a small waterway is plenty. As the other posters...
  9. Zeeman

    Our new LX

    Super nice! Love the color combo, congratulations
  10. Zeeman

    Another night time boat crash on my lake

    Hard to believe nobody on the houseboat was hurt!
  11. Zeeman


    Congratulations! All I can tell you as this has been our first year is to learn all the safety rules and take the DNR class. I can also tell you I am so pleased with the quality of the Bennington, even in the family value series they cut no corners. We have had a blast on our boat this summer...
  12. Zeeman

    bennington gear

    Good luck and hope they get it repaired to your satisfaction
  13. Zeeman

    bennington gear

    Thats awesome? Is that for your toon leaking?
  14. Zeeman

    Practicing Social Distancing @ Wallowa Lake ~ Joseph, OR

    Amazing! What a gorgeous lake
  15. Zeeman

    Bennington Flooring

    Awesome work!
  16. Zeeman

    New Bennington Owner

  17. Zeeman

    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Oh man that sucks! Must have been a heck of a wave
  18. Zeeman

    New (to me) 25 QSB.