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    New Cover on the way

    I took my old cover off and treated with Star brite Waterproofing and about 2 weeks later, while on the boat, it started to rip and disintegrate. No idea if it was related to the treatment or just old so I called up Tumacs and got a new cover on order for my 2012 2275 RCW. I got confirmation...
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    GPS Mount deteriorating

    Thank you!! This has some possibilities.
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    GPS Mount deteriorating

    I have a 2012 Bennington 2275 RCW that has a Garmin GPSMap 431s that was stock. I am the 3rd owner. I like the GPS and works great, but where it is attached to the console is starting to deteriorate. Each time I pull the cover off, it moves a bit, and becomes more loose. Attached is a stock...
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    OEM Replacement Cover

    Which snap installer did you use?
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    What happened to my speed?

    I found out what it would take to replace the toon from a dealer: Starboard Toon - $4300 Freight - $1300 Installation - $1000 Needless to say, I'll be using a welder as long as I possibly can. So far so good, no more leaks.
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    What happened to my speed?

    The ladies that owned it, had it tied up at a dock, big storm came through, it broke away from the dock and floated down getting banged up along the way, from other docs, trees, anything in the way. Instead of repairing, they just bought another one and traded it in. The dealer had fixed it...
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    What happened to my speed?

    I ended up letting my marina look at it.... and the verdict!! Water in the starboard toon. Apparently in pretty bad shape, which I can understand since I bought it at an outrageous good price and could see some previous spots that were repaired. Here is what the marina said.... "Our welder...
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    Best fenders (or "bumpers" if you must)?

    Where did you get your fenders? I'm having trouble finding fenders and ropes that match perfectly to the Matador Red.
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    What happened to my speed?

    After spending all weekend on the water, and the dealer being 3-4 weeks behind before they can even look at it, I'm going to start some diagnostics myself. I'm going to start with the throttle controller. If Neutral is straight up and laying flat forwards is wide open throttle, I've noticed...
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    What happened to my speed?

    It is the same prop I had when I bought it.
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    What happened to my speed?

    He just cleaned the toons and said that it should pick up 10mph. I think I need to find another dealer.
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    What happened to my speed?

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    What happened to my speed?

    Yes GPS. It is a smooth ride.
  14. Love my boat!!!

    Love my boat!!!

    Headed back to the lake
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    What happened to my speed?

    I bought a 2012 RCW 2275 with a Yamaha VMAX Sho 250 last July 2017 with only 24 hours on it. I took it to the dealer a couple months ago and had them clean the toons and a few other items. One item of concern was that when I first had it, I was getting 46 mph easily with a full tank (56...
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    Advice Please!

    +1, I have the same setup. Love it.
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    My first Bennington

    My wife doesn't get on the boat without a blanket. As soon as the sun goes down, it gets chilly.
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    2275 GCW with F150XA a dog in corners when tubing

    Same problem with my 250 this past weekend. I'll have to try it 100% trim down.