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    New Cover on the way

    I took my old cover off and treated with Star brite Waterproofing and about 2 weeks later, while on the boat, it started to rip and disintegrate. No idea if it was related to the treatment or just old so I called up Tumacs and got a new cover on order for my 2012 2275 RCW. I got confirmation...
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    GPS Mount deteriorating

    I have a 2012 Bennington 2275 RCW that has a Garmin GPSMap 431s that was stock. I am the 3rd owner. I like the GPS and works great, but where it is attached to the console is starting to deteriorate. Each time I pull the cover off, it moves a bit, and becomes more loose. Attached is a stock...
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    What happened to my speed?

    I bought a 2012 RCW 2275 with a Yamaha VMAX Sho 250 last July 2017 with only 24 hours on it. I took it to the dealer a couple months ago and had them clean the toons and a few other items. One item of concern was that when I first had it, I was getting 46 mph easily with a full tank (56...