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    Handy hints, gadgets, products, gizmos & ideas...

    Just got this portable pressure washer for my new build. It's very handy for giving the deck a quick wash down when the kids/dogs make a mess from jumping in and out of the boat. Just drop the intake hose in the lake, give it a few seconds to prime, and you are off and running. The battery...
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    Kicker KMC 10 stereo reception

    I had the same problem with my boat.  I found this antennae on amazon and decided it was worth $9 to take a chance.  It works significantly better but still not great.  It is a very simple installation, but I am still searching for the best spot to mount it.  Right now I have it sitting loose in...
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    You are correct sir. Congratulations!  I'm sure that is a big relief for you.
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    Agreed, 6 1/2 weeks was quicker than I expected.  I think the dealer originally told be 6-10 weeks but who knows with those guys.  I was getting nervous that the boat wouldn't be done for a while, but once the build date was finalized everything moved really fast.
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    As a final update I received word yesterday that the boat has arrived at the dealership.  Now all that is left is to sign some paper and schedule delivery.  So the order was approved by Bennington on February 27th and it arrived at the dealer on April 12th for a 6.5 week turnaround.  Hopefully...
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    I have been lurking on here for a while as well, but am probably the closest to the situation you are in.  I too ordered my Bennington at the Detroit boat show in February.  I received my confirmation number from Bennington on February 27th.  I found out on March 29th from the dealer that my...