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  1. BusyKYmom

    Seat over gas tank held in by velcro?

    I decided to pull out the seat while we were putting in gas so I could see the gas going in. Unlike the other seats, this one is held down by velco that that is attached to the bottom of the seat by a bunch of thin staples (pretty cheap trick). Well, the staples pulled out long before the...
  2. BusyKYmom

    New cover for Mercury 90 EFI

    Without going into the details on how a group of young girls who did not know how to drive a boat, rented a pontoon from the local marina and managed to WHACK the boat against my brand new 2012 2275 RCW ENGINE.....fortunately nothing was hurt except a really obnoxious scratch across the cover...
  3. BusyKYmom

    Pontoon umbrella
  4. BusyKYmom

    Best fenders?

    What are the best fenders to get for your pontoon and the best way to attach them?
  5. BusyKYmom

    Best fenders?

    What are the best fenders to get for your pontoon and the best way to attach them?
  6. BusyKYmom

    Water in under seat storage

    So a big storm blew up quickly last weekend and it rained hard for about an hour. When we went back to check on the boat, the storage boxes under every seat had 1-2 inches of water in them. Shouldn't there be drains in these boxes? We dried them out the best we could and then took a ride with...
  7. BusyKYmom

    Shade on the loungers for a 2275GCW

    Since we can't put a double bimini on this model without some major aftermarket work, does anyone have any good ideas for adding temporary shade over the rear loungers while sitting in dock? Has anyone mounted an umbrella or one of the fly biminis that I see advertised in Overton's? The...
  8. BusyKYmom

    Sunning your back on a 2275GCW

    I've seen a couple of posts about how to lay flat for sunning your back if you have the two chaise lounges in the back. I tried this method and it worked just fine. Move your extra bow seat to the rear between the two seats. Even though there are gaps, when you are laying down, you can't feel...
  9. BusyKYmom

    New 2275GCW

    Here she is! Posted new pics in the Gallery too.
  10. BusyKYmom

    Ordered our 2275GCW today!

    Just could not find everything we wanted in o e boat so decided to order and it's due in week before Memorial Day Weekend! Glad to put this to bed. We've been to every dealer within 200 miles! Everyone had "just sold" the boat we wanted LOL! Happy to join you here as a true owner now!
  11. BusyKYmom

    Looking for 2012 2275RCW

    We are looking for a 2012 2275RCW with 90 or 115, elevated helm, and the furniture upgrade that provides the enclosed lounges. Any help locating would be appreciated. We live in Louisville, but will drive to pick it up if we can find the right boat.