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  1. Devin

    Auto Bilge Pump

    I have a 2018 SX and I thought there was a red light on the switch that stayed on when you put the bilge pump in auto. I no longer see that and am wondering if I am crazy or if something is wrong. Can someone verify for me?
  2. Devin

    Preparing For Delivery And Slip - Need Assistance

    Hello All, I want to be prepared for day one at our slip...I am have never had one before. Attached is a photo of where our boat will be docked. The red square is where I will be located. Wind can be an issue if it is coming out of the north. I am looking for suggestions on how to properly...
  3. Devin

    First Pontoon: 2018 Bennington 23SSBXP....Can't Wait!

    Hello All, First off, thank you! I have been reviewing many posts on this forum in preparation for my new Bennington purchase. Below is our build sheet which was sent in on 2/26/18. We are hoping for a delivery prior to Memorial Day but the dealer didn't have an update as of yesterday. The...