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    Question on high RPM's at WOT

    Boat is a 20' SLM SPS with a Suzuki 115. With full tank of gas and 2 passengers. Tach shows 6400 RPM, the over rev light on the engine monitoring gauge flashes. During my 1st long hard WOT run (about 20 minutes) in chop I got beeping and the engine dropped power and seemed to sputter until I...
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    Can anyone enlighten me on Model numbers

    SLV, SLX, SLM etc... I order an SLV an know 100% what it comes with. But I'm starting to get antsy and want a boat now. Since I got lucky and sold the old pontoon in 1 day.
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    New Member

    Ordered my new boat yesterday (20 SLV). it was already on order from the dealer with a build date of 6/17. Upgrading from an 88 Play Buoy (74 85 HP Johnson) that I rebuilt deck up. While the 20 SLV had just about everything I wanted. It lacks docking lights, Dual battery and Depth finder. For...