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  1. RReaume

    Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor

    has anyone mounted a Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor on their pontoon? How’s it handle in rough water? Does it hold?
  2. RReaume

    Broken weld

    Took the pontoon out one last time today. The water was pretty rough, noticed during the ride my pontoon was listing to one side. Just figured it was due to the roughness and my buddy on that side of the boat. When i pulled it i noticed water coming out of the nose cone by the wave guard...
  3. RReaume

    Trailer Suggestions

    Need to buy a trailer anyone have mid america or yacht club trailer whats your opinion looking for 2 axle or 3 axle not sure which way to go, couple long trips per year 300 miles. weight of tritoon 2550 rcb bennington with 300 yamaha approximately 4800lbs. Prices?
  4. RReaume

    help needed engine height

      2014 2550 RCB ESP Yamaha F300 X A Right now my engine is in the 2nd hole. The picture shows where the water line is at cruise speed trimmed 1/2-3/4. Should I raise the motor up one more hole? Mine has the intake just below the water line shown in the picture will this be an issue if I raise...
  5. RReaume

    First Run 2550 RCB Yamaha 300

    2550 RCB / ESP, Yamaha 300, Hydraulic power steering with power assist, Full vinyl floor, Jump seat, Changing room, Sony Blue tooth, Lighting package, In floor storage, 52" tow bar, Dual Batteries. First run was today ran the boat about 3.5 hours cruising the North and Middle channels on Lake...
  6. RReaume

    Lake St. Clair Bennington OWNERS

    Just curious as to how many Bennington run on Lake St. Clair. Please post your area and or marina you are at. Myself Beacon Cove Marina
  7. RReaume

    yamaha android app

    For all the new boat owners out there I suggest the Yamaha android app for your cell or tablet. This app gives you break in procedures with logs for tracking the break in, maintenance charts, warranty information with expiration date, and performance specs all at your fingertips. Easy to set up...
  8. RReaume

    Portipotti Pump Out

    Anyone change there portipotti into a pump out? Where did you mount the fitting? How well does it work? I keep my boat at a marina and there is no where to dump out the portipotti. I would have to take it home with me to empty and don't like that idea.
  9. RReaume

    yamaha performance bullitins

    See alot of posts about performance, speed, fuel consumption. Link below is a great start. Hope this helps out some potential new buyers.
  10. RReaume

    Tritoon Trailer which brand? Cost?

    Hi Everyone Now that I have placed my order for a 2014 2550 RCB tritoon :D  I am considering a trailer. Any brand better than others for a tritoon? Input on cost? How much did you pay for your new tritoon trailer? I received a quote and I think its high in price and I never heard of the...
  11. RReaume

    Anchor (Anyone use the Stick IT anchor pin)

    Anyone use the stick it anchor pin? Does it hold well? I ordered a 2550 RCB.  I will be using it on Lake St. Clair Michigan and anchoring in 2-4 foot of water on a sand bottom.
  12. RReaume

    NEW OWNER (Thanks everyone for your info)

    Thanks for everyone's info from my other posts you all helped me decide to get a great pontoon I just ordered me a Bennington tritoon.  2014 2550 RCB ESP, Here is a break down Smokey granite with black accent panel.  Yamaha F300 with command link DEC and power assist steering.  Larger capacity...
  13. RReaume

    1st pontoon purchase help

    Looking at buying my first pontoon.  Not to lie I am looking at 4 brands.  Bennington 2250RCB, Harris Flotebote Grand Mariner 250SL, Avalon Ambassador Entertainer or J-seat, Manitou 250 SES Rear bench.  Every one is built the same with tritoons with the turning radius package I have not had the...