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  1. Rockie69

    Go to the newest post in a Topic.

    Am I missing something or do I have something set up wrong? I used to be able to go to a topic, then inside the topic, at the top was a button to click and it toon me to the newest post in the thread that had not been read by me. This was an awesome feature as I could keep up realativly quickly...
  2. Rockie69

    I'm on board for some of you guys to do this (pardon the pun)
  3. Rockie69

    oldie but a goodie

  4. Rockie69

    Couple people on Lake Michigan today

    Just off Lake Shore Drive
  5. Rockie69

    Be careful what you do with your Bennington

    Wednesday night 1A.M I decided to copy and paste my build sheet into Craigslist a throw up a few photos... Just to see. Saturday get an email while on the lake... Tell them to stop at the dock and take a peek...then a ride...then a conversation about price...then a loooooong night debating on...
  6. Rockie69

    10' wide Bennington
  7. Rockie69

    Motor information

    When I first signed up I entered my motor information. My bank is asking me questions thinking they documented the wrong information. My boat is 3 hours away and I can't figure out how to access the information I entered into club bennington... Any ideas? (I'll find another way to get my info...
  8. Rockie69

    Thinking about installing a pool in my backyard

    as I did the research to find the best pontoon manufacture. Curious if anyone knows who the best in ground or semi in ground pool manufacture is? I've been watching Lucas Lagoons and I think Eastern Iowa is the perfect place to put a pool! (Looking a year out, just starting to ask questions.)
  9. Rockie69

    Aluminum prop for back up

    OK... I've been reading alot about having a spare prop. So, I have a question and I could be all wet, but here is my logic and I'm curious on what others think. If I get a spare prop I want to be inexpensive, so the logical thing to do is go with aluminum. BUT, I also want to get the max...
  10. Rockie69

    Trailering Specs

    I need to adjust my lift bunks and the boat is 3 hours away. I would like to be able to set it and forget it...The 8'-6" ESP does not show the dimmension from the center of the two outside toons. I assume it is the same as the 8'-6" deck 25" tubes (77"). Can anyone confirm? Is the center 32"...
  11. Rockie69

    Trail Cam suggestions

    Ok... Two fold question. 1 thinking about getting a trail cam to put on my dock to see if there is much "traffic" around it during off hours. More curiosity than anything. Any recommendations? 2, Mother-in-law wants to see what wild life is out on their property. Could be close to the house, or...
  12. Rockie69

    North Carolina Weather...

    Hope everyone is doing ok. Our plant was slow going today... A couple co-workers are doing a tour of duty in NC for 6 months. Ice is a great reason to stay off the roads in any state!
  13. Rockie69

    Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

  14. Rockie69

    For those of you that don't like some of the colors of engine hoods

    There are options. is one I found I'm sure there are others.
  15. Rockie69

    Speed 61 MPH

    Now do not shoot the messenger. I saw this on FB, but becuse it is from a dealer I assume it to be legit...
  16. Rockie69

    Season 2 is under way

  17. Rockie69

    ski pylon removal

    this helped a great deal. The trick is getting it low on the ski pylon.
  18. Rockie69

    the clean up begins

  19. Rockie69

    This is a GREAT Sign
  20. Rockie69

    Nifty lil' pontoon