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  1. Smoky Mountain

    Can't Get it Up; Pylon Post That Is

    As indicated pylon post won't come up. Dealer said they worked on it for an hour and it won't lift up. It's one of my relatives Bennington about a 2010. Freshwater boat. I don't think the first owner even deployed it. Boat is in the water, doesn't seem to be any corrosion dealer claimed they...
  2. Smoky Mountain

    Tellico Lake Early Fall Trip

    Finishing up year two of our 2274 GL. A mere 70 hours in two years on the Yamaha 150. Once we got the initial bugs worked out the Bennington and Yamaha have run trouble free. Here is a 5 hour round trip from the Yacht Club at Tellico Village, TN, to Chillhowee Dam. About 60 miles round trip...
  3. Smoky Mountain

    Yamaha 150 Cover

    I know there is a OB Motor cover thread around here some where...since I can't find it I thought I would just start another. I tried to order a Yamaha 150 Cover through my Dealer (keep it local) and after waiting three weeks and to no avail, I found and ordered one through dealer on Amazon. It...
  4. Smoky Mountain

    Underway with LED Lighting and Other Illegal lighting Acts

    I see more and more boats (mostly toons) with tricked out LED strip lighting along the toons and reflecting off the tubes and water. These lights shouldn't be running/operational while underway making way as they definitely interfere seeing navigation lighting especially the starboard running...
  5. Smoky Mountain

    Low RPM

    I have a 2012 2274 with the express package Strakes on the center tube. The 150 Yamaha came with a 15.25 x15 which the Dealer said was "right" for my boat. With two persons full fuel calm seas no wind I'm only able to reach 5400 rpm wot. Bottom clean new boat. 34 mph on the gps was it. I tried...
  6. Smoky Mountain

    More Speed What's Left?

    At 25 hours and after all the fluids were changed: Did a couple WOT run. 5400 RPM said the tach max, 34.5 MPH said the GPS. 98 percent clean toons. Two persons, 25 gallons fuel, 82F, 800 ft elevation, about a 2 mph wind, almost no waves or chop. Tops down. Fiddled with trim. Mechanic said it...
  7. Smoky Mountain

    Seat/Console Covers/Things I Wished I'd Ordered From Bennington

    Went out for our first 1.5 hour cruise today and got to the 2.0 hour mark on break-in. Delivery was .5. Looked like storms rolling in so I couldn't run it hard enough and get the GPS fired up to see what 4K RPM looked like. After two days of wrestling the "playpen" cover we are definitely...
  8. Smoky Mountain

    Yamaha F150LA versus TLR

    Our 2274 is being rigged this week. When I spoke with the dealer and we were going over the deal sheet and updating Serial Numbers he indicated that the Yamaha F150 was an LA as opposed to a F150TLR. He said they could get the TLR if we wanted it. He also said the LA was a $1000 more than the...
  9. Smoky Mountain

    New Build Lead Time

    I think when I ordered our 22G 4 weeks ago, the lead times was running 8-10 weeks. Now that boat show season and orders are in full swing I wonder what things look like. I'm hoping that by the end of April to the first of May the rig arrives ......
  10. Smoky Mountain

    Gas Prices

    Never seems to fail, whenever I purchase a larger boat and motor gas prices find new highs. How will this $5 plus marina gas effect your boating experience? Our marina has a no haul policy to the slip.
  11. Smoky Mountain

    2274GL with Yamaha 150

    Have ordered a 2274GL and at y'alls recomendation went from the 115 to 150 (w/power steering). Ordered with the "Express Performance Package" 3 25 inch. I haven't seen any reports on performance with this exact configuration. Any feel for top end speed at WOT and handling performance with...
  12. Smoky Mountain

    Greetings from East TN and Tellico Lake

    I see a few Benningtons on Tellico and Loudon Lakes in East Tennessee, I will certainly be on the lookout even more so having just ordered a 2274 with 150 Yamaha.
  13. Smoky Mountain

    2012 2274GL 150 History and Performance Report

    It took a week to get through the initial "negotiations" at the boat show and get factory questions answered. I also thank this website and the participants for their input. Signed the order today. 2012 2274GL with Yamaha 150LTR Options: Power Assist/Hydro Steering 33 Gallon Tank Depth Graph...
  14. Smoky Mountain

    New Forum Member

    Greetings from East TN and Tellico Lake. Looking at a 22 foot basic three tune with a Yamaha 115 its the largest engine allowed on this model. Seems like it should perform well. Anyone able to comment on this pontoons performance?