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    Installing LED Lights on Transom: Help

    I want to install these underwater LEDS on my transom. Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Light, 2 Per Pack I’m hesitant to drill into the transom. I want to install them below the water line. Advice...
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    Dumb Question

    The black object in this picture is the speed sensor, correct? I just want to make certain.
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    Went out on Lake Murray today for the Trump parade. Must have been over 1000 boats. Unfortunately we took a big wave. Scared the hell out of everybody AND crushed my front panel. Of course, I’m just sick about it. I’ve only had the boat two weeks. My insurance deductible is $2550. Any advice...
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    Two days in the lake... water lines

    My new rig has only 30 hours. Put her in over the weekend and pulled her out today for Sharkhide. Water lines after two days!!!??? I spent the afternoon polishing. She’s looking good but the polishing is inconsistent. The closer you get, the worse it looks. Any advice? One Toon down, two to...
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    Tapping into RGB Lights

    I’m adding underskirt RGB LEDS. Has anybody just tapped into their RGB LED seat lights to do this? Any land mines I need to be aware of? I’m guessing it could be controlled from the same helm control knob. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Ski Tow Bar vs. Turboswing

    My rig came without a tow bar. Looking at options. My neighbors loves his TurboSwing. Would love some opinions on a traditional tow bar and the Turboswing. Thanks!
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    Newbie Purchasing a Used 23SSRXP

    Only 30 hrs on the Yamaha 250. Boat is decked out and well cared for. I’ve been reading the forums. Lots of great info. I think I’m getting a hell of a boat for $54K. Would love to hear your opinions.