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    Double Bimini Clarification, Please

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    I’ve always had success using mothballs also and our boat is stored outside in our yard.
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    Soon to be a Proud 20SLG Owner!

    Our Two tube 22’ SLX Has a 50 hp on it. We are on a 400 acre lake so never in a hurry to get anywhere. We are always out for slow cruises. We sold our bow rider ski boat because no one ever wanted to ski anyway. We can and do, very occasionally, pull smaller kids on a tube (9-10 year olds) but...
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    Super Siphon / Shaker Siphon not working

    We are on a smaller -400 acre- lake so we don’t worry about “topping off” when we are out. When tank is Between 1/4 and 1/2 I can Easily put in a 5 gallon can and it will keep us going for a while. With a 50hp though We just slow cruisers, no water sports. No need for a nozzle.
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    Super Siphon / Shaker Siphon not working

    Mine also stops about 2”-4” In so I have to keep one hand on it - no pressure really. I’ve never experienced any blowback in the years I’ve used it. Try yours to see if it works.
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday. Wow. Haven’t seen a list this SHORT for a LOOONG time :)
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    Clips for boat bumpers

    I’ve never had any issues or losing fenders with Taylor made clips coming loose - even if left hanging when underway. Of course, I only have a 50 hp on a 400 acre lake so never traveling very fast or in a hurry to get anywhere :)
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    Radio won’t work

    My Sony had that fuse also. First thing my dealer said to check - it wasn’t that. I was still under warranty though so they just ended up replacing the radio for a new one. They didn’t even want the old one back.
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    Better Gas Filler!

    +1 on the super siphon. Never really had any trouble with filling mine but the super siphon is MUCH easier than holding the gas can while filling.
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    Filling gas

    I don’t think anyone mentioned a “Super Siphon” yet. A “super siphon” works great. Get One online or any outdoor store that carries boat stuff. Place your gas can (on a towel/rag) above the filler neck and it will siphon a 5 gallon can quickly. The hose is long enough to to get past the...
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    Grill Mount Options

    I don’t have a grill mounted on ours but The various ways of mounting one has been discussed a lot previously. Use the search feature at the top of the page to find threads.
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    So long, Evinrude, it's been good to know ya!

    My first motor was a 1968 25 hp evinrude on a 14 foot rowboat. Bought both used from a neighbor In 1980. It was VERY reliable. Sold it Years later to a buddy who used the combo fot another 12 years before he sold it to another friend of his. Still going strong as far as I know :)
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    No Props

    I AGREE! Including about beating a dead horse:)
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    No Props

    My ground is level but the styrofoam blocks are pretty solid but do have a LITTLE give if ground was SLIGHTLY uneven. With four it would still have to be fairly level to prevent racking corner to corner.
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    No Props

    Mine is a 2 tube pontoon. I’ve always stored it on the ground with 3 styrofoam blocks on each pontoon - one at each weld. I share a scissor trailer with a neighbor. The dealer pontoons where I bought it stored all of their’s that way and suggested I could get the blocks for free at Tractor...
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    Trailering a 2020 20SFVSG

    If you only have a slow trip to a nearby launch site, it won’t matter (that is all I do - Just in and out for the season) Traveling at faster road or highway speeds for longer distances those 2 things (as well as other loose items like skis, tubes, vests or even coolers) can be EASILY dislodged...
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    For the new boaters out there. Backing up your boat trailer tips....

    +1 - Great post Daril for those new to backing. I remember discussing this a couple years ago. Hands on the bottom of the steering wheel is the most important to help steer correctly. I‘ve shown this method to several people over many years of trailering.
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday Andy!
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    23 GSB with 90hp Yamaha

    I’ve posted this before. This will be our 8th summer. We are on a 400 acre lake with a 50 hp. Don't do water sports, Just slow cruising and some fishing. Also don’t travel to other lakes. We didn’t buy planning to sell later to go bigger. Have been very satisfied with our choice and can get to...
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    Boat cover

    My 22slx has 4 poles but also a narrow strap near the rear going from side to side that you loop over the Bimini frame. When you tighten It then lifts the rear side sections where water would pool if you don’t use it. If you don’t have a strap, the dealer could possibly add one or a local canvas...