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  1. swiftm

    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! Enjoy your day with family and friends. Kids and grandkids are coming here for an early dinner - can’t wait:) (We received 6-7 inches of snow last evening and night here at our Wixom condo - WHITE CHRISTMAS!)
  2. swiftm

    90,000 posts!

    I see we just passed 90,000 posts!  Seems like we just passed 80,000. Lots of good info and overwhelming for those joining now. Seems like I have read most of them these past few years. 
  3. swiftm


    There has been a lot of talk about GPS speed on boats. I just have a 50hp Yamaha and boat on a 400 acre lake so I have never been too concerned about speed or getting anywhere quickly. We only slow cruise. I was thinking though that I would like to know my speed and wondered what apps you use to...
  4. swiftm

    Critter damage

    I opened my Bimini for the first time last Monday. It was full of acorn shells and two 3 inch holes were chewed in the top - one near each side at the curve, but not in the cover itself. Chipmunks I guess. It is at the canvas shop now getting patched. I put dryer sheets, mothballs and damp rid...
  5. swiftm

    Profile picture caption

    Couldn't find this info or figure it out by searching, so I'm starting a new post. How do I change the caption on my profile picture to anything rather than saying "0 warning posts"? Was there a place to put something there when I first put it up? Do I need to delete it and repost with a...