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  1. cwag911

    Ptm Edge offer for a group buy.great deal if you've been looking for a mirror.

    PTM Edge Watersports 2019 Club Bennington GROUP BUY Dates: Wednesday March 27th - Friday May 18th Discount Levels:* 20% on all orders Free shipping (UPS Ground) and no tax * discounts not stackable Group Buy Available Products: (hyperlinks inserted) How to Order...
  2. cwag911

    First ride of the year.

    Our grandson wanted to see his girlfriend (Summer) at The Blue Parrot on Lake Norman. 20190324_120610 by cwag911 posted Mar 25, 2019 at 12:18 PM20190324_135721 by cwag911 posted Mar 25, 2019 at 12:23 PM
  3. cwag911

    For those looking to add power assist

    Saw this today.
  4. cwag911

    Bee careful when you open your seats.

    We haven't used the boat in a while so was cleaning it for company today. When I opened the front port seat I was greeted by angry yellow jackets. I sprayed them and then had to clean all the life jackets and seat. Got stung on my ear also, they were pissed.
  5. cwag911


    I know many of you use Amazon quite a bit and thought this was interesting.
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    Not boating related

    We have ATT Uverse and love it................Until last night. CBS was blacked out due to contact stuff and most of the shows we watch are on CBS. We have been looking at indoor antennas and I am wondering if any of you have one and what you think, good or bad. We're not far from Charlotte...
  7. cwag911

    2017 Wishbook

    The new Bennington brochure:
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    Awesome video (NSFW language)

  9. cwag911

    Tragedy on Lake Norman While I have no tolerance for drunk boating (or driving), why would someone be wakeboarding at 9pm. I feel sorry for the girl that lost her life but what were you thinking?
  10. cwag911

    Having another surgery

    I'm having a Prostatectomy on June 8th for cancer that was found during a biopsy last month. Should only be in the hospital for 1 day if all goes well. The sucky part is the recovery period.
  11. cwag911

    For the older guys: Have your prostate checked.

    I had a prostate biopsy done on 3/11/15 and got the results on 3/13/15. 7 of the 12 samples came back positive for cancer. I have an appt in a couple weeks for treatment so we'll see what we're going to do. I don't think it's spread  so I think it'll be an easy fix.
  12. cwag911

    PDB Days 2014

    Here's the boat that we were on at PDB Days in Branson, Mo.
  13. cwag911

    For Yamaha F150 owners

    I found this very interesting about the balance shafts on the 150.
  14. cwag911

    Happy Fathers Day

    To all the dads out there, HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!
  15. cwag911

    Surgery on 04/14/2014

    I won't be on here for about 4 days due to surgery sceduled for Monday. They're taking a small piece of my right lung (center lobe). They (VA) have been watching a small spot for a couple of years since I had pneumonia and it hasn't gone away, so hence the surgery. No wifi in a government...
  16. cwag911

    "Q" owners, PDB mag wants an interview.

    Katie, the asst publisher posted this yesterday: [i would love to interview someone for the magazine who owns a Bennington boat from their Q series. I know we have some Bennington lovers on this site and, naturally, I would prefer to include a forum member. You can reply here or send me an...
  17. cwag911

    Draining Lake Norman

    For those of you that boat on Lake Norman, this is a good read. Duke Energy is draining the lake starting May 1st and it will be refilled by May 30th. It should be interesting.
  18. cwag911

    For all old and not so old tooners( UPDATE)

    I've had a pain in my left leg for a few days and since it got REAL painful, I went to the VA to get it checked out. After a sonagram of the vein in the left leg, it turns out I have a bloodclot. They started me with Coumadin injections to my stomach (10 in 5 days that I have to do) and tablets...
  19. cwag911

    Our new grandson

    Nathan Jason Wagner 01/28/2013 8 lbs. 11 oz. 22 1/2"
  20. cwag911

    For those of you who need water

    You can have some of ours. Notice the angle of the ramp to the floating dock. B) :huh: