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  1. Shmily

    My First Pontoon- My first Bennington - and a rookie question!

    OP— beauty of a boat! That motor is a beast! Enjoy in safety and in health.
  2. Shmily

    Pontoon fender mounting clips, who uses what?

    except that the height of the fenders may be different at different docks, rafting with different boats, etc. I would not eliminate the adjustability.
  3. Shmily

    UPF Hitch Lock

    you may also consider a locking chock or a "boot" for one of the wheels.
  4. Shmily

    Bimini Top Strut Lubrication

  5. Shmily

    Christmas present came a little early

    Wow! Congrats! She’s a stunner. Welcome, friend. This is a great and helpful community. Safe and happy boating!
  6. Shmily

    Sharrow props

    Get me a stainless version and I am in.
  7. Shmily

    23RFBA delivery in days; couple questions

    Wow! Congrats!
  8. Shmily

    New owner here. 2014 2550 RCL with a whopping 24 hours on it!!

    Wow! Sweet boat! I’m very sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. I’m sure his spirit will be happy that you have the boat. Love everything but the fuel bill!
  9. Shmily

    Upgrading from a 1986 SmokerCraft to a 2013 Bennington 22 SSLX

    The extended rear deck is a great feature!
  10. Shmily

    Best Dog Ladders/Ramps

    That sure is a handsome German SHEPHERD in your avatar...
  11. Shmily

    Upgrading from a 1986 SmokerCraft to a 2013 Bennington 22 SSLX

    Congrats! I think you are not gonna miss the old girl for very long...
  12. Shmily

    New-to-us Benny!

    excellent! our 2018 22ssx already has 75 hours! looks like a beautiful and well cared-for vessel. enjoy her in health and safety. congrats!
  13. Shmily

    Great vacation with my Bennington at Nolin Lake, Kentucky

    Excellent! We bought a place on Rough River last summer, and promptly added SHMILY! to the equation. No regrets; only happy times and great memories. All the best, neighbor!
  14. Shmily

    Any Bennington's in the Tampa are?

    I’m not. Just wanna see this danged boat you supposedly have!
  15. Shmily

    Door hinge lube?

    Boeshield or Ballistol.
  16. Shmily

    Any Bennington's in the Tampa are?

    Welcome. We need more. MUCH more. Like pix and deets. Safe and happy boating!
  17. Shmily

    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    SOMEBODY has had many birthdays (and perhaps not enough coffee)— ‘tis August, not April... ;^)
  18. Shmily

    How to Tiedown your Benny when Trailering

    The salesman at our dealership told me the same thing. He even went so far as to say that the boat was so heavy, that additional tie-downs weren’t needed at all, and that the winch strap was enough. These guys sell boats; they are just telling you what they do/have been taught. They don’t...
  19. Shmily

    Lucas Oil Fuel injector cleaner

    As linked above, I use the Yamaha version of this. I also use it in all of my 2-cycle engines.
  20. Shmily

    Lucas Oil Fuel injector cleaner

    I also use this stuff: