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  1. Shmily

    Look at the pretty flowers...

    Aren’t they lovely? Harbingers of boating season, for those of us that have seasons...
  2. Shmily

    Added bow Boat Buckle tie-downs to my Heritage trailer.

    The stern aspect of the trailer had tie-down brackets, and I installed Boat Buckles before I drove her off the lot. However, I was advised that bow tie-downs were unnecessary. I disagreed, and devised the pictured construct for bow tie-downs:
  3. Shmily

    The BEST option of all...

    ... is the center 'toon storage! My gosh it is convenient, and holds a tremendous amount of stuff! Mooring cover, boat loop, coolers, etc. Peace.
  4. Shmily

    Hello! We have a new unexpected 2018 SSXAPG!

    Hello to all the kind and fortunate fellow Bennie owners! Long story: my wife and I have been going to the lake with friends, and staying in their family’s homes, a couple of times a summer for ten years. This year, we were down for Memorial Day weekend, and we were presented with the...