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  1. sunedog

    Wiring for Speaker LEDs

    This is a generic boat wiring diagram that has served me well.
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    I think you are forgetting this from 2012:
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    Fenders and Thoughts

    I've been doing this for decades. We have had saddles in the past, but they only seem to last about a season before they start tearing.
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    Your.....bucket list? ;-)
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    Unussual black spots appearring on upholstery

    I bought my 2011 boat about 4 years ago and the OEM cover was black. I didn't have any discoloration, but the tops of the front couches were very stiff, brittle and are now pretty significantly cracked. I attribute that to the direct contact between the black cover and those parts of the...
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    What is this?

    Your switches look great!
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    Show us your dogs

    This is (Crazy) Mazy, our 45 lb pit-lab mix that I got from our local shelter Christmas of last year. I picked her out knowing she had heart worm and was in a year long treatment plan. She was in a county run shelter that would have undoubtedly euthanized her if she wasn't picked soon...
  8. sunedog

    Odd man out

    Back when the world was normal (last year and before), we tied up with our gang just about every weekend. They all have migrated from "go fast" boats to center consoles over the last 10 years. We have been the only pontooners in the club. My wife is the queen of the hive when it comes to...
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    DIY color-changing LEDs for pontoons - for $50

    How did you attach your strips to the inside of the rub rail? I used 3M double sided tape sold to the auto body market to affix trim pieces to cars. Mine have been on two seasons and have done "OK". I did have about a 3 foot section hanging down at the rear last season that I had to re-tape...
  10. sunedog

    Replaced my rocker switch covers

    The rocker switch covers on my 2011 2275 GCW were well worn and mostly illegible. And I added LED lights under the edge of the skirt to one unused switch and flashing color-changing LED's to the underside of the seat edges on another unused switch. I clearly needed new rocker switch covers! I...
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    I'll be a WVU Mountaineer fan until my final breath. I moved away from God's Country 38 years ago. Live 500 miles from Morgantown but have had season tickets for 11 years and made nearly every home game even before that. We host a tailgate party in the Blue Lot right next to the stadium and...
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    What is the meaning behind your username?

    I've been a member here a long time and just realized I never participated in this thread. sunedog is the nickname I gave to our beloved Lab / Irish Setter mix pup, Sundance. I pronounce it sun - E - dog. Would have just spelled it sunnydog but that name was already taken in the first forum I...
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    Yamaha RPM

    If the motor doesn't sound different and the speed doesn't change, I am ruling out prop / cavitation / ventilation, etc. Sounds like a gauge problem or signal problem. I'm no expert, but Google tells me modern tach's get their signal from the ECU and the ECU gets it from either a crank...
  14. sunedog

    Info on 2009 Benny 2275 RLIGN

    I have a 2011 2275 GCW and my battery switch is mounted inches from my battery which is under the left side rear lounger. (Or the port side rear lounger for the purists. ;) )
  15. sunedog

    Lower Unit - Freezing Weather

    Leave the lower unit fully down. It is designed to drain in that position. If it's up, you run the risk of trapped water freezing.
  16. sunedog

    Mounting to the plywood

    For anybody that will ever use split loom in their lifetime, this is a worthwhile investment of $6. (Wow! That picture is big. In real life, it is about 2 or 3 inches long.) Wire Loom Cable Insertion Tool for 3/8" to 1/2" - Model CM08
  17. sunedog

    Yamaha 115 Top Speed Experience

    For another data point, I have a 2011 2275 GCW, Yamaha F115, two 25" round toons, no strakes and no under deck wave shield and the best I've seen with clean logs is 26 MPH (GPS).
  18. sunedog

    Ski Tow Bar or Ski Pylon

    If your design is the same as my 2011, This is what you are trying to engage from, hence the clockwise rotation to loosen.
  19. sunedog

    Graphite Simtex - too hot in the sun?

    Had a sunny day yesterday so I pulled the cover back to get some readings. Come to realize I have off white seats with light beige accent colors. So nothing even close to dark colors. Hard to believe I don't know my own interior colors when we usually use the boat almost every weekend! (In my...
  20. sunedog

    Question on troubleshooting a starting issue

    That sounds like a starter relay, not a solenoid. The solenoid is mounted on the starter itself. Here is a good article explaining the components of a starting system: Starter motor, starting system: how it works, problems, testing