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  1. sunedog

    Replaced my rocker switch covers

    The rocker switch covers on my 2011 2275 GCW were well worn and mostly illegible. And I added LED lights under the edge of the skirt to one unused switch and flashing color-changing LED's to the underside of the seat edges on another unused switch. I clearly needed new rocker switch covers! I...
  2. sunedog

    Another night time boat crash on my lake

    A week or so ago I posted some stories of three different night time boat crashes on Lake Murray in SC over the last few years. It looks like that thread was deleted. My argument was in support of lights other than the traditional tiny green/red/white lights to make boats more visible and...
  3. sunedog

    Texas Game Warden New Pontoon

    Not a Benny... but that's a pretty impressive pontoon. Texas Parks & Wildlife Patrol Vessel
  4. sunedog

    Added LED Bar Light for Docking

    Disclaimer: Don't use your docking lights for anything but docking. They are not headlights to be used out on open water. Be aware they will night blind anyone close looking at your boat. Use them only when necessary. The LED docking lights that came from the factory on my 2011 2275 GCW are...
  5. sunedog

    Swingback Model Numbers

    Hi -- I am in the market for a used swingback. Ideally I'm looking for a 22' tritoon with the swingback layout and a 200 HP or larger Yamaha. As many of you know, Bennington has created more than a hundred model numbers. This makes searching for used boats with the swingback challenging...
  6. sunedog

    I figured out how "normal people" drown

    While searching for something else on another boating forum I follow, I came across this story I wrote years ago. Honestly gives me chills thinking back on that day 17 years ago. Sometimes a news report makes me wonder how seemingly normal, healthy people drown. Here is the way I nearly did...
  7. sunedog

    Winterized - Tips

    I winterized my 2011 2275 GCW over the weekend. First thing was pulling the boat out of the water, adding a healthy dose of Stabil to the gas tank, and filling it up with 100% gas. The ride home allows the Stabil to mix completely with the gas. Next I acid washed the toons. I use a locally...
  8. sunedog

    Hurricane Prep

    My buddy is in the dock business. We're in central SC and currently in the cross hairs for Hurricane Florence. He shared the following information you may find useful: We would take a number of factors in to account when deciding what to do with a boat prior to a hurricane. The safest place...
  9. sunedog

    Be careful if you plan to mount a grill on back porch...

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to post pictures and descriptions of adding an inset table base to the back porch of your boat to mount a grill. The hardest part is making the commitment to pull the trigger on the drill to cut a 3 1/2" hole in the deck of your beautiful boat. Once you...
  10. sunedog

    2275 GCW Bow Filler Seat

    I have a 2011 2275 GCW with beige interior and it did not come with a bow filler seat. If anyone knows of a source I can buy one or has one they'd like to get rid of, please message me. My dealer was of no help. Thank you.
  11. sunedog

    My docking lights are very weak

    The LED docking lights on my new-to-me 2012 2275 GSX are quite a disappointment. I estimate they have a brightness of about 1 foot candle (the brightness of a candle at one foot distance). I live about half a mile back in a narrow cove and need decent lights to maneuver past my neighbors'...
  12. sunedog

    Source for RGB LED Strip Lights

    I want to add color changing LED strip lights under the edges of the front couches on my 2011 2275 GCW. I've sourced and installed single color LED strip lights several times, but can't seem to find a good source for 12 volt RGB led strip lights with a controller. Ideally, I'd like to find the...
  13. sunedog

    Wiring Diagram - 2011 G Series

    I read through the entire sticky thread on schematics and the closest I see is the diagram for 2013 G-series. That has a lot of features not on my 2011 2275 GCW. (E.G. lighted speakers, lighted cup holders, underwater lights, exterior LED's. Because there are no rocker switches labeled for...
  14. sunedog

    Underdeck Connector

    I just bought a 2001 2275 GCW and plan to add LED strip lights down the sides this weekend. I found two of these unused connectors conveniently attached under the deck about 7 feet from the bow. The wiring diagram you guys provided in the other section shows a "plug for customer use" with...
  15. sunedog

    Removing Ski Pylon - 2011 2275 GCW

    Hi folks. Just bought a new-to me 2011 2275 GCW. The previous owners never removed the ski pylon and didn't know how. I have tried and I can't get it out. It turns only a small amount -- maybe 1/4" or less - if you apply a lot of force and then won't turn any more. I soaked it with PB...