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  1. jhill

    Vibration two out of three trailers

    I am pretty sure boat trailers all have surge brakes controlled by tongue mounted hydraulic master cylinder. At least that is how my 2013 22SLX tritoon on a tandem axle factory ordered trailer with "Bennington" name in pinstripe on frame, and also my previous 25' Bayliner Saratoga cuddy...
  2. jhill

    Sun shade

    ....I am I hold boot with left hand and then pour piss out with right...or did I get it wrong...Does it also come with lifetime guarantee ? Do you come free to lake if I have a problem ever? ...........lmao......I hear you!.....Some people can screw up a wet dream.
  3. jhill

    Lucas Oil Fuel injector cleaner

    Is that a lubricant or injector cleaner? I had not heard of it. Sounds like a great idea! Is it available online?
  4. jhill

    Lucas Oil Fuel injector cleaner

    I use Lucas 2 cycle oil in my Echo weedeater mixed 20% stronger than recommended. I run it hard and can't remember ever changing spark plug and it is like 10 plus years old. I looked at exhaust screen and looks like it was just cleaned . Doesn't even have any noticeable smoke. Lucas products...
  5. jhill

    Sun shade

    The knit ones won't unravel if cut with scissors as they have locked weave. The woven ones will unravel if cut and not hemmed. This is what I read when looking whats available on Amazon. I have some Agfabric 7'x40' 80% on order that is knit that I was going to experiment with.
  6. jhill

    Sun shade

    I just added a new front OEM bimini frame ordered thru dealer and then had a boat upholsterer build me brand new front and rear bimini tops out of Sunbrella. I had them add 3" to each side for more shade. Also had them add zippers around entire perimeter of the double tops. I may have them...
  7. jhill

    Proper prop

    Is the 12 pitch a typo? I have a 2013 22SLX express tube Yamaha 115 and sounds like it might be perfect for mine. Numbers sound like too low of a pitch at 13.5 x 12. What does SWW stand for? Just looked at Powertech website .....gazillions of props....Can you give model/part number of this...
  8. jhill

    Seats on my 2015 benny

    If stitching is coming apart, just take cushions to an upholstery shop and have them pull covers and restitch them. Sounds like wrong cleaning products destroying thread.
  9. jhill

    Prop help 22' tritoon

    I just went on Benningtons website and did phony order to build a new 22SLX with EPP package which is the Express Tube Package. It has a picture that shows 3/4 toon and power options go up to 150 VMax SHO. They recommend adding hydraulic steering for over 115 hp. Here are pics off of screen...
  10. jhill

    Prop help 22' tritoon

    My 2013 22SLX tri-toon (3/4 center toon with strakes) is rated 115 hp and 11 people on placard. Seems like several members here have almost the same boat but with 150 hp. Why is mine limited to 115? Is there some additional supports on the 150 rated boats? Mine has the husky stainless tow bar...
  11. jhill

    Looking for a better cooler idea.

    We have a large white Igloo marine cooler bought from Costco years ago. We slide it in port center door easily from ground (at home boat on trailer, for 2 people, that is) and then close door and it just sits in that doorway perfectly. We rarely use that center door so it works perfect and can...
  12. jhill

    I want to apologize

    Ok.....boat rides back on! Ice cream for all!!!!;)
  13. jhill

    Fun in Chattanooga, TN.

    Very clever! Thanks for info. Great videos!
  14. jhill

    Fun in Chattanooga, TN.

    Nice trip and Pics! Are those flag holders attached to tow bar? Where did you find them? Thanks!
  15. jhill

    Dual Bimini

    Got boat on river yesterday for trial run with new double bimini tops. Windy hot day with rough water from lots of boats. The tops didn't show any sign of issues and no flapping of fabric at all in wind, just a random ripple. Drove it up to 25 mph and everything rock solid. Glad I "paid the...
  16. jhill

    Bimini warning

    Glad I could help. Just remember that you need to install parts in proper direction (forward or rearward) so it cannot unlock when bimini is being used.(wind could lift tops) You actually swing bimini beyond normal range to align slots. Very clever and secure design that still allows quick...
  17. jhill

    Bimini warning

    Here are some pics and a drawing. The aluminum piece has a black plastic piece that sits inside its curve. It is bolted inside bracket to rail like drawing. The black curved foot on end of bimini leg gets interlocked when you align slots with cross pin.
  18. jhill

    Bimini warning

    Thanks, I appreciate that! .......About the foot with open slot....the bracket on rail is longer and has another aluminum inside piece with a similar reverse slot plus a plastic insert so you understand just changing foot alone might not hold your bimini leg properly. If you want, I can take...
  19. jhill

    Color Change

    Thanks! I appreciate it! I still can't get over how much space there is on these boats and how they ride so nice over big wakes from other boats. Last boat was a mint 1976 Bayliner Saratoga 25' cuddy cabin hardtop (my folks bought brand new) designed for light ocean use with 350 Chev i/o Volvo...
  20. jhill

    Bimini top question

    My brand new front bimini with all new parts really grips the forward bracket pin. My rear original bimini leg pops off pin easily with a pop of the palm of your hand as it has years of use. Front one hurts your hand from its stubbornness to unlatch. If you either 1) replace leg end with new...