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  1. RodEarl74

    First Trip of the season!

    Great weekend on the water in Lake Havasu! Was a little windy but nothing we couldn't handle!
  2. RodEarl74


    Purchased my Benny a few months ago and have been extremely happy with everything except the toons. After you throw it in the water they just look like crap. Took it to my detail guy for a nice wash and to treat the toons. Let me just say that it looks far better than it did before. Haven't...
  3. RodEarl74

    Prop change

    so I have a Bennington Q25 with the Verado 350. Stock prop is the Enertia 17P 3 blade. Wanted a spare prop and my dealer recommends the Mercury Revolution 4 blade 17P. Anyone have experience with this prop?
  4. RodEarl74


    Hey guys, quick question. Dealer suggested I change the oil on my Mercury Verado 350 at 20hrs. Mercury owners manual states 100hrs. Which is correct?