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  1. Michael Lyman

    Salt water vs Fresh water?

    I am loosely thinking about getting a new boat. Currently have a 22 foot Bennington with a 115. We currently keep ours docked at an inland lake in northeast Ohio and enjoy my Bennington a great deal! We will be here for a few years but eventually will be in Florida in salt water. Any thoughts...
  2. Michael Lyman

    Tritoon- small dent on front fin?

    Thanks in advance, really appreciate Bennington and Forum users as they have been a great help to me owning a Bennington. I have a 2016 Bennington Tri-toon, I noticed the other day there is a small dent on the front of the left toon, or rather the "fin" on the inside of the left or port toon...
  3. Michael Lyman

    Engine Maintenance- Corrision

    I have a 2016 Bennington with a Mercury 115. Noticed a small amount of corrosion or rust on the engine housing. We dock the boat and it is in the water May through September, unfortunately we don't and cannot have a lift where we are. Just want to take care of it properly, any thoughts or...
  4. Michael Lyman

    Prop upgrade for speed

    I would like to upgrade my prop to get a few more miles per hour faster, any suggestions on a good upgrade or suggestions regarding this thought. Love my tritoon with my 115 just need a little more. I realize that this is not a speed boat, just looking for a little bit more for pulling tubers...
  5. Michael Lyman

    Mirror for pulling tubers?

    Anybody have any recommendations for a good mirror to watch tubers for a Bennington? Thanks
  6. Michael Lyman

    Drainage tubes from cup holders

    Can anyone tell me where the drainage tubes from the cup holders should go? Didn’t seem like they should just lay on the floor. I have a 2016 21 SX Some pics to support:
  7. Michael Lyman

    Storage Compartment Latch

    I have a 2016 21 SLX that I just bought this past winter. I have posted a few questions but doing it in different topic areas of this forum. The back door storage compartment where my battery is located has a latch on the door to hold the door tight. Previous owner had a bungee on the door as...
  8. Michael Lyman

    Livewell- Question

    I have a 2016 21 SLX that I just bought this past winter. Quick Question: Livewell is in bow of boat top right Black plastic with a drain plug at the bottom I have a switch by steering wheel that goes on and off Trying to figure out what the switch does? Thanks for the quick help, know it...
  9. Michael Lyman

    Ropes, bungees and/or clips?

    I am a new Bennington owner and plan on docking my Bennington 21 footer at an inland lake. I bought ropes and have been learning knots. I will leave my boat docked for the summer and use mostly on the weekends. I have also seen and was wondering if a cleat knot is acceptable to tie up and...