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  1. Mike31406

    Today was the day! Took ownership of the 20SLG!

    Awesome, congratulations! You are going to have a great summer. Enjoy!
  2. Mike31406


    Line X is the best idea I’ve seen lately. Looks great!
  3. Mike31406

    Recently put up boat for the winter

    Thank you for your kind responses. I had a right shoulder replacement then broke it 6 months later. It’s not doing well. Right knee was replaced not just once but twice. Left knee soon to be replaced. Getting harder to get around, climbing is out of the question. My best advise is take...
  4. Mike31406

    Recently put up boat for the winter

    Already having withdraw and regrets. Just ended what may have been the last season on our boat. In the spring we may be putting her up for sale due to health. 2017 22GSR tritoon, Yamaha 150 (130 hrs,) power steering, dual battery’s lots of accessories. Not or sale now just seeing what it...
  5. Mike31406

    Need Advice on New Boat... Please

    In my opinion the extended aft deck is a must have. Makes life much easer when boarding, tubIng, putting on cover etc. Power steering enhances the boating experience, whether it be tubing, docking etc. I wouldn’t be without it. With water sports on your agenda I’m guessing you are getting at...
  6. Mike31406

    Power distribution panel

    I have dual batteries with power steering with no power distribution Panel. Dealer told me it was not necessary for my build.
  7. Mike31406

    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Amateur Radio
  8. Mike31406

    Bennington Q with twin yamaha 425

    That’s what dreams are made of.
  9. Mike31406

    Side steering a pontoon, anyone ever tried something like this?

    Practice, practice & practice some more. I used to be scared to death to bring my tritoon onto my lift. But now is second nature, slow is best. Don’t go any faster that you are willing to hit something. Watch flags for wind direction and allow for it. With a heavy crosswind you may have to...
  10. Mike31406

    My new 22sxp is a BIG disappointment

    This is why a shake out cruise with your salesman before you take delivery is so important. Let your dealer know. Probably something very simple ie motor mounting, maybe even trimmed wrong, etc.
  11. Mike31406

    New to boating, 1st Bennington

    Awesome, if you haven’t taken a Boater safety course, I would suggest you do so. Can be found either locally or online.
  12. Mike31406

    Our new LX

  13. Mike31406

    Complete Noob with Bennington Fever

    We love our covered lift for several reasons. Our boat and the dock can be made to the same height making boarding easier and safer for all, boat doesn’t bang into dock when jet skis/boaters speed buy, our toons stay clean, furniture out of weather, much easier to put the cover on.
  14. Mike31406

    Complete Noob with Bennington Fever

    In addition to all the good suggestions above. Take a safe boater course, they are available locally and on line. Secondly - buy your last boat first. In the long run it’s much less expensive that way.
  15. Mike31406

    Use of 303 on Simtex

    Protectant, yes we do use on the cover.
  16. Mike31406

    Use of 303 on Simtex

    Thanks for the confirmations. The matter is settled once again. The 303 remains on the shelf!
  17. Mike31406

    Use of 303 on Simtex

    I was just on the Bennington Pontoon owners group on Facebook. Several owners stated their dealers told them ok to use 303 products and about an equal said the opposite, just Dawn and warm water. We used 303 extensively on our old Bennington actually have a large bottle gathering dust. Should...
  18. Mike31406


    The dealer installed these,with flag and pole for $130 when I purchased in 2017. Works great. There are many ways to mount flags to the top and sides of the ski tow bar. They have been addressed in this forum.
  19. Mike31406

    Vacuum Recommendation for new 2019 Pontoon

    I use a leaf blower before each trip and a wet cloth for those pesky spider webs. We are on a covered lift so don’t use cover unless expecting an extended period of non use.
  20. Mike31406

    Electrical cable caught in my prop

    Never heard of that happening before but there is a first time for everything.