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  1. Mike31406

    Recently put up boat for the winter

    Already having withdraw and regrets. Just ended what may have been the last season on our boat. In the spring we may be putting her up for sale due to health. 2017 22GSR tritoon, Yamaha 150 (130 hrs,) power steering, dual battery’s lots of accessories. Not or sale now just seeing what it...
  2. Mike31406

    Use of 303 on Simtex

    I was just on the Bennington Pontoon owners group on Facebook. Several owners stated their dealers told them ok to use 303 products and about an equal said the opposite, just Dawn and warm water. We used 303 extensively on our old Bennington actually have a large bottle gathering dust. Should...
  3. Mike31406

    Family fun on our Bennington

    Even with 14 on board tubing was great!
  4. Mike31406

    Green “tick” on upper left corner of profile picture

    i have wondered for some time now what this means. I see some members have it others don’t. Curiosity has me wondering.
  5. Mike31406

    Bennington Decal

    I'm proud to be a Bennington owner, where can I find a nice decal to put on my truck.
  6. Mike31406

    Knee/wake boards

    After two years of tubing I’d like to get our grandkids into knee/wake boards next year. The oldest is 12 and range down to 2. Any recommendations?
  7. Mike31406

    Bow seat observations

    For those considering purchasing the bow seat, I offer the following observations: - it sounded and looked like a good idea so we included it on our purchase - can’t leave it in the bow position as that is where we board - can’t leave in stern position while doing water sports - Fits nicely on...
  8. Mike31406


    I did my last service at 19 hours, it now has 44. I called my dealor and talked with the service department. They said put in fuel stabilizer, which I had already done, and it would be good to go. No foot or engine oil change would be needed until 100 hours. They also didn’t recommend...
  9. Mike31406

    Help with photos

    The newest upgrade made it much easier to post pictures in the gallery for me. I'm guessing you are only authorized three pictures in the gallery at one time as it won't allow me to post any more. The question is how do I delete a posted picture? I tried everything I can think of.
  10. Mike31406

    Playpen cover

    I'm on a covered lift so I rarely put the poles up when I use the playpen cover. We will have some of the affects of the hurricane this next week so I thought when I cover it this weekend, to protect from blowing rain, I will use the poles. My question is how do you know which pole goes where...
  11. Mike31406

    1st time out with Grandkids over the 4th

    All three of our children, who live out of state, stayed with us over the 4th of July holiday.  That includes 7 grandkids from age 2 to age 11 with one on the way.  Our house went from 2 to 14 almost overnight.  I was a little concerned with taking all out on the Bennie.  After figuring out all...
  12. Mike31406

    Marinemax Greenville South Carolina Cudos

    Just want to put in a word for the level of customer service that I received from my dealor.  Soon after initial launch I noticed three small things that needed attention on my Bennie.  The lock box beneath the steering wheel on the console would not lock and it was binding on the hydraulic...
  13. Mike31406

    First impressions

    Launched our 2250 GSR yesterday, what a day!  Turned the key, didn't hear anything, was about to turn it again when I looked at the tach and saw it was registering.  The wife and I couldn't believe how quite it ran.   Next impression was how effortlessly the power steering was.  Some of you may...
  14. Mike31406

    Question on posting pictures and editing signature information

    Ok I give up.  I have been trying to post a picture using one of two methods.  Either uploading from my library or taking a new photo.  Whenever I use either method I get a pop up that says "file larger than max file size."  What am I doing wrong?  Although I stumbled on how to create a...
  15. Mike31406

    2017 2250 GSR playpen cover

    We closed today on our new Bennie, unfortunately we won't be able to take delivery until late April.  That is providing we get some rain and  Lake Greenwood, South Carolina returns to its normal levels by then.  I have a question for the group; due to multiple shoulder surgeries, a recent...
  16. Mike31406

    Two battery option

    Although we close on our 2017 22GSR this Saturday I am thinking about adding the two battery with switch option.  We currently have the one battery with switch.  Is it worth the $300.00 they are asking for it?  Thanks again for all of your input.
  17. Mike31406

    2017 Yamaha 150

    How many hours can I expect to get on our soon to be delivered Bennington 22GSR's Yamaha 150.  It will be maintained properly and well taken care of.  How many hours do you put on your Bennie monthly?
  18. Mike31406

    2017 22GSR new build

    I would like to start by thanking all of you that helped me get to this point.  I have been reading this forum for over a year now.  We were not in any hurry to purchase new as we still have a nephews Bennington on our lift with full access.  He has used it less than 5 times in the past 3 years...
  19. Mike31406

    Dock length vs boat length

    I have been reading this forum for about a year now.  Many of you have saved me for making several mistakes and I thank you all for that.  We have narrowed it down to a 22gsr, sps and 150; 22 ssrxp , sps, 150 and 22 ssrxp; 115 sho w/ lifting strakes.  I know most of you will opt for the tri with...