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    Seat Stains on bench seat

    Hi;  I was disgusted to see stains form on my back bench seat.  The spots formed under where my bimini cover had a water swell form after a rain.  I am careful to make certain any water swells are emptied as soon as they form.  I had not used the Bennington for about four weeks do to cruddy...
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    Fuel Gauge intermittent

    My 2014 Bennington SSRX is intermittent on the fuel gauge.  I started noticing it last season.  Now it shows full most of the time even though I know it is at half or 3/4s.  Anyone have any thoughts as to how to diagnose or fix it?  Too new to have problems already.
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    Side Panel Damage

    I am looking for some advice.  I have a 2014 24 ft SRX that like all of you I maintain meticulously.  I trailered it this weekend to a lake 35 miles away and had the playpen cover on it.  Before I get the finger waving I know some of you will say you should never tow with the cover on.  Too late...
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    PWC docking next to my Pontoon

    I just purchased a Sea Doo GTR 215 to use with my Bennington.  Yesterday we were on the lake with the two.  Any recommendations on the best way to dock and transfer passengers next to each other without dinging them.  The water is still too cold to jump off and use the ladder here in Minnesota. ...
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    Trim motor not going all the way down.

    I may be imagining it, but my trim guage does not seem to go to the far left like I thought it did last year. Shoukd i look for something to have changed over the winter? 2014 24' SSRX. 115 hp Yamaha. Any thoughts. It also seemed to skip wide open like the water was not at the prop.
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    Cleaning Aluminum toons?

    Ok, I know I have seen some recommendations on the forum before so forgive me if this is a repeat question. I have a 2014 24' SSRX in storage after its inaugeral season last year. When i pull it put this spring I want my pontoon logs to look like they did when I brought it homr from the dealer...
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    Yamaha motor break in maintenance

    Ok, i know this will create spme controversy. I just broke in my yamaha 115 motor with ten hours. According to the manual i am now supposed to change the oil, oil filter, fuel filter and lower unit lube. I will be lucky to get another 15 hours on it before i winterize it this fall where...
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    Outboard Engine Cover

    I am thinking about buying an engine cover for my Brand new Bennington SSRX 24ft with a Yamaha four stroke 115F. Anyone recommend this or have an opinion on getting one?