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  1. Pilotnate14

    Excited about our new 21SLX

    Finally took delivery of our new 21SLX on a drizzly day last week, and after what felt like waiting a month (2 days), had it out for our maiden voyage. Wife and I could not be happier, was able to dock without hitting or denting anything, and even the dog liked it! It’s gonna be a great...
  2. Pilotnate14

    Portable battery jump-start pack

    Met my new 21slx at the dealer last week, take delivery next week. The boat had already been ordered with 1 battery. Asked about adding a 2nd battery, and they said it might be $300-400. In lieu of that, anybody here carry a portable jump-start battery pack? Ever use it to jump your boat? How...
  3. Pilotnate14

    New to boating, 1st Bennington

    Got to meet our new Bennington today, fresh off the truck! Gave the dealer the thumbs-up, so now they will rig our SLX21 with the Yamaha 150. Taking delivery in a week and a half, can't wait to get it on the water! New to boating, rented a pontoon for two days this summer and the family loved...