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  1. DiamondDave952

    Lifting Strake Length

    Hello All. I noticed that the lifting strakes on some pontoons that I see on this forum are not the same length as mine. By that I mean, I've some lifting strakes only run half way down the length of the outer toon. On mine, they run close to the whole length of the outer pontoon; even the...
  2. DiamondDave952

    Registration Colors & Letter Placement Ideas

    Just received my registration numbers and having a hard time deciding on color and letter placement. Need some ideas on what others have done. I am thinking of placing the registration numbers in the locations below (numbered by preference). Thoughts, ideas, pictures?...
  3. DiamondDave952

    Baby Benny Pictures

    My little boy was born on January 20th and today was the first day that I got to see him so I thought I would share some baby pictures as I've heard that's what one is supposed to do :) . Can't wait for the ice to be off the lake! Specs are: 2021 22' SSBX with 115Hp Yamaha (with SeaStar...
  4. DiamondDave952

    Need Help With Prop Selection

    I will be taking delivery of a 2021 22SSBX with a Yamaha 115Hp and Sea Legs on Feb 5th. I looked at Yamaha's performance bulletin and found a 22 Bennington with a Yamaha 115. Yamaha's test boat is not the same set-up that I have and was wondering if the weight of the Sea Legs would affect the...
  5. DiamondDave952

    Bennington Customer Service Phone Number

    Would anyone have a phone number to Bennington customer service? I checked the main website under "contact us" and it appears as though it connects to a Bennington dealer near me. I will be getting my first look and going through my new pontoon with the dealer and paying for it next Friday...
  6. DiamondDave952

    Bennington Virtual Product Launch

    Has anyone who pre-register for Bennington's Virtual Product Launch received a confirmation email on how to attend this virtual event today? Thanks!
  7. DiamondDave952

    Anyone know why there is a warning for CA resident?

    Anyone know what the California Resident Warning means?
  8. DiamondDave952

    Yamaha Outboard Extended Warranty?

    Has anyone seen any Yamaha promotions for extended warranty? Past boat shows (held in mid-January), Yamaha would offer an extended warranty and didn't want to miss that opportunity. Thanks All!
  9. DiamondDave952

    Taking delivery of 2021 22SSBX in a few weeks!!!

    Was just notified from by Bennington dealer that my baby girl will be born on January 15th or sometime around there. The dealer said it will be 7 -10 days afterwards for the boat to show up at the dealership. I had to call him back to confirm that I heard that correctly and that he didn't mean...
  10. DiamondDave952

    Is this still covered by the 10 year bow to stern warranty?

    I have a purchase agreement in place for a 2021 22 SSBX with Ultralegs (also known as SeaLegs). My question is this, if I purchase the ultra legs as part of my boat build and the Bennington dealer installs them, is the boat structure (where the legs are attached) still covered by the 10 year...
  11. DiamondDave952

    Seeking Feedback: Elliptical Toons With 115Hp Yamaha

    I am looking for feedback from Benny owners with the elliptical toons. I am contemplating whether or not having elliptical toons are worth the cost? My current build is a 2021 22'SSBX with 115 hp and ultra legs. Looking for feedback on what I could expect performance wise with the elliptical...
  12. DiamondDave952

    Exposed Vinyl Flooring To The Elements

    I am new to the Bennington family and found this forum caulk full of useful information. My wife and I recently purchased a 2021 22' SSBX and really excited for Spring. From my understanding, the new 2021 mooring cover only covers the play pen. With that being said, have others seen premature...
  13. DiamondDave952

    New to Ultra Legs

    Hello All. Just signed a purchase agreement on a 2021 SSBX with 115hp, two toons and Ultra legs. I am new to ultra legs and would like to know the following... 1. When you dock your pontoon for the night or weekend, do you extend the legs so they are vertical? Or can you leave the back legs...