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  1. The Hillbilly Barge

    Just for looks??

    The ribbed panels behind the rails, Aesthetics or does it add rigidity
  2. The Hillbilly Barge

    Ski locker

    My boat wasn't ordered with center toon storage, can it be added
  3. The Hillbilly Barge

    Under waterlights

    I'm looking at underwater lighting and noticing that some have them facing down and some facing rearward off the back of the pontoons, is this just preference or based on the type of light
  4. The Hillbilly Barge

    More than just stickers ??

    Is there really any difference between the sho and f series engines
  5. The Hillbilly Barge

    Stereo upgrades

    Those of you who have upgraded your stereo, what kind of equipment did you go with and if you added speakers other than factory locations lets see some pictures
  6. The Hillbilly Barge

    cup holders

    has anyone added lighted cup holders and if so what brand
  7. The Hillbilly Barge

    Does she need a name

    What is proper pontoon etiquette, is a name required
  8. The Hillbilly Barge

    gas mileage

    what eng rpm will provide optimum fuel mileage