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  1. Carlson80

    What is the difference between SPS and SPS+ on 24’ + ?

    I’m wondering what the difference is between SPS and SPS+ on 24+ foot boats, according to this they both have all .100 pontoons. I thought the SPS was .080 but apparently that’s on under 24’. Does anyone know the real difference structurally? See attached picture. Thanks!!
  2. Carlson80

    Center pontoon storage

    I personally would want the vents to help with air circulation, obviously I would want the solid cover if I left it uncovered in the rain. I wonder what Bennington’s reasoning is for the type of cover? Please share if someone knows outside of speculation.
  3. Carlson80

    LX23 or LX24?

    What brand did you go with out of curiosity?
  4. Carlson80

    LX23 or LX24?

    Simrad is a nice touch, 150 is minimum HP on a SPS in my opinion, you will be happy with a 150 not a 115, good call there. I did get Simrad and I am very happy I did. The Kickers are very nice speakers. You can always add an amp down the road if you need to. Sounds like a sweet Bennington you...
  5. Carlson80

    LX23 or LX24?

    I found the LX24 to be a sweet spot. IMO.
  6. Carlson80

    Trailer Tires

    If the tires are rated correctly for the load 10” is nice if you frequent lakes with shallow access. If you do not need shallow access go 13” tires.
  7. Carlson80

    Sea legs on 20’

    I would not think there should be an issue unless you do not have 25” round pontoons?
  8. Carlson80

    Just for looks??

    I agree, it does not show and swirling or streaks like smooth panels do also.
  9. Carlson80

    Registration Colors & Letter Placement Ideas

    Please check your local regulations on placement. Some states are stricter than others.
  10. Carlson80

    Registration Colors & Letter Placement Ideas

    Thanks! I honestly do not know the size. They had them on the boat when the boat was delivered. Next time I’m by it I will measure.
  11. Carlson80

    New Owner of 22SFX Yam 175

    Congratulations! Welcome to the Bennington family!!! Beautiful Bennington.
  12. Carlson80

    Boat lift bunk lengths

    Bennington service rep meaning a dealership or a rep that works for Bennington?
  13. Carlson80

    Yamaha 115 vs. 115 VMax

    VMAX 200 can get a flash and put out about 320 HP but I do not recommend doing that if your boat is not rated for that much HP and/or if you have a warranty on your motor. There have been very few issues with the flash however from what I have read, the motor is built to run at that HP.
  14. Carlson80

    Center pontoon storage

    They told you right, the center storage collected water and they changed the cover to allow more air flow since the pump can’t get it dry on its own. That is one of the reasons I opted out for center storage. I do not want to worry about that. My dealer advised against getting it unless I...
  15. Carlson80

    Advice Buying a tube for a new boat

    I would get the Mable. It’s bulletproof.
  16. Carlson80

    Advice Buying a tube for a new boat

    Another vote here for the Mable.
  17. Carlson80

    Baby Benny Pictures

    You did not ask me but ultra legs and sea legs you loose about 3.5mph on average. Worth the loss of speed in my experience.
  18. Carlson80

    New boat is here!

    What lake are you on?
  19. Carlson80

    New boat is here!

    You should! Let me know if you ever make it to OtterTail!!