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  1. Carlson80

    What is the difference between SPS and SPS+ on 24’ + ?

    I’m wondering what the difference is between SPS and SPS+ on 24+ foot boats, according to this they both have all .100 pontoons. I thought the SPS was .080 but apparently that’s on under 24’. Does anyone know the real difference structurally? See attached picture. Thanks!!
  2. Carlson80

    SHO 200 prop on a 24’ SPS

    I got my 175 SHO swapped out for the 200 SHO that I ordered with our 24LXSR SPS. I am just curious who has a similar setup and what prop they have? The dealer put a Saltwater seriesII 15.75 x 15T prop on. Just curious if that sounds like an good starting point for a prop? We also do have Sea...
  3. Carlson80

    Our new LX

    We will have our new baby on the water Friday night hopefully, then we can take in person pictures. Love the look!! 2021 24LXSR.
  4. Carlson80

    It's build day!!

    My question to those that have recently had their pontoon built, what is the timeframe for delivery? My dealer says it takes one day to build and it possibly could be out on the road tomorrow, delivered Thursday if all of the pontoons are built for their order (best case). I have my fingers...
  5. Carlson80

    Change the Kicker speaker color from blue to red?

    Does anyone know how to change the Kicker speakers from blue to red (is this possible)?, I would like to change my color to red from blue. I do not have the RGB switch. If this is possible and if anyone can advise how I would appreciate the help. Pictures are great if possible of the wiring. Any...