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  1. Geoffrey & Brenda

    need a new prop

    I got caught up in a rocky bottom area this weekend and dinged up my prop, i will send it out to be repaired, but now is my chance to try a different prop. My current prop is a Michigan Wheel Vortex 14"x13p and i can only get 5600 rpm out of my Yamaha T50. Am i correct in thinking i need to go...
  2. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Got a new anchor this weekend...

    Soo, we where out at the lake this weekend at the "party cove", after a couple of hours, it was time to go for a cruise. Time to pull up the anchor, give the line a good tug, like usual, but she's really tough to pull. Well shoot, i must be really stuck in the mud, Brenda's laughing at me...
  3. Geoffrey & Brenda

    For our troops deployed to the middle east

    Brenda's oldest son PFC Aaron D Walsh is currently serving in the United States Army in Afganastan as a helicopter avionics tech. We are all proud of him for his desire to serve his country, and thus far it has been mostly uneventful, other than a few mortar rounds on occasion that fall outside...
  4. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday!!

    Itsadogslife has a Birthday today! Hope you have a good one! So how old are you in dog years? :D
  5. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Wild and Free birthday

    Happy Birthday Wild and Free! Hope you have a good day!
  6. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Matthew's birthday today, make it a good one!
  7. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Boomers dad's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a good day :)
  8. Geoffrey & Brenda

    A Birthday today

    Happy Birthday Gilley! Go ahead, take the day off :D
  9. Geoffrey & Brenda

    2 Birthdays today

    Happy Birthday cpeters30! Happy Birthday SteveandJulie! Wow, a birthday and a holiday weekend, more time to celebrate :D
  10. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday!!

    We have a Birthday today! mgbcd, it's your day today, have a good one :)
  11. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday!!

    I see it's Fred's birthday today! Enjoy your day, hope it's a good day for you :)
  12. Geoffrey & Brenda

    2 Birthdays

    I see we have 2 birthdays today! RustyRichardson JasonR Here's to a good birthday today, i'll drink a cold one for you after work :D
  13. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday

    I see that today is Ericscher's birthday! Get out and have some fun old man :D
  14. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Kelvin's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Kelvin! Hope you have a good day today!
  15. Geoffrey & Brenda

    BiXLL's Birthday

    Best birthday wishes BiXLL from the Club!!!
  16. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday!!

    Another birthday today! Happy birthday Swordfish, make it a good one!
  17. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday!!

    I see today is Rpm's birthday, so have a happy birthday Rpm! Hope you have a good day today ;)
  18. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birhtday Looneymoose! Hope you have a good day today!
  19. Geoffrey & Brenda


    Happy Birthday JimH, Hope you have a good day :)
  20. Geoffrey & Brenda

    Pickup America

    Hi Everyone, i wanted to share this with you all. Last thursday we had an older school bus towed into our shop. It was painted up, with a map on one side showing their journey so far. They had started in Maryland, and are working their way across the U.S. picking up trash along the highways as...