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    Fuel tank

    How can I find out what size fuel tank I have- 2014 24sxl?
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    Capacity plate

    How can I get a replacement capacity plate for my pontoon?
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    I have a used Bennington 24slx. The previous owner said they had things started for a livewell, but didn’t put it in

    There is a black box under the seat next to the seat that would have had the well installed. What is the black box for?
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    batteries in Sundeck storage not able to use space

    Can the batteries that are in the storage area beneath the sundeck be relocated to a different spot? They are located right where you would be if you used the changing curtain and if there was a porta potty located there. Because of where they are, I cannot use the storage space because things...
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    Owners manual

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement manual for my 24dlx pontoon boat?