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    Classic Boat Floater Lift

    Is anyone using a Classic Boat Floater lift in a 20' wide slip for a Bennington tritoon? If so, how are you protecting the toons from the possibility of hitting one the pitman arms? - Thanks
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    Lift Bunks for ESP

    Is there any special consideration for configuring boat lift bunks to support ESP tubes?
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    Classic Boat Floater Lift

    Currently have a Classic Boat Floater lift for my 24ft Chaparral 236 Sunesta, which will be replaced by a 24ft LX with ESP that I have on order. Would like to covert my lift to accept the new boat, anyone have any tips or considerations? Is there anyone currently using a Classic Boat Floater...
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    New Member

    After almost a dozen years on the lake with our Chaparral 236 Sunesta, we have decided to replace it with a pontoon boat. After quite a bid of research and some dealer visits for various makes, we settled on Bennington as being the best choice to pursue. Needless to say when visiting our...