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  1. Kozzie2020


    Could someone please send a photo of the Wavetamer on a 32” twin elliptical. Today, for the first time I had a look at my new pontoon boat , a Twin Elliptical Salt Water Series 22SS. Looks great but the Wavetamer I ordered was missing. The dealer brought it to my attention and said not to...
  2. Kozzie2020

    140hp or 150hp Suzuki on 22SS twin elliptical

    Our 22SS will finally arrive in Australia on the 24th December 2020. Ordered 3rd August 2020. It is currently on a ship somewhere between Mexico and Tahiti. We realistically won’t get the boat until early January 2021 because of the Christmas break and some things that need to be fitted i.e...
  3. Kozzie2020

    antifoul or lift

    Hi All, I have ordered a 22SS Twin Elliptical, Salt Water Series Pontoon boat, ETA November, which will be stored either in the water or on an air lift in front of my house in salt water. Undecided at this stage. - Should I antifoul or air lift my boat? Can’t have fixed lifts like you guys...