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  1. Jb75


    Considering to PADS. Anyone have some insight on watersports (skiing specifically) behind the dual engine bennys?
  2. Jb75

    What it’s all about

    Hope you all have a great Fathers Day
  3. Jb75

    Bad fire at my marina

    Really bad fire today at my marina. Happened on dock six of Portman marina in Anderson sc. we are on dock seven and the wind was blowing away so my boat is fine. At least 11 boats destroyed and a guy injured. Luckily it was not this weekend as the place was very busy as temps were in the...
  4. Jb75

    vf250/f250/f300 mounting height

    Anyone out there running an x shaft yamaha on anything other than the lowest position.  Thinking of going up one pitch and raising the motor one hole.  At plane the cav plate is nowhere to be seen.  At current position I can trim almost fully before ventilation.   Do get some in tight turns if...
  5. Jb75

    Electric power assist trouble shooting

    Unfortunately lost my power assist today.   There one moment, gone the next.   Anyone have any experience with this.  Didn't see anything leaking or hear any noises.  Maybe a fuse?
  6. Jb75

    Prop for 2250 Gsr and vf250

    Hey all, looking for suggestions on correct prop.  Current prop is Yamaha sws II 15 1/4-18 pitch.   With just my family and light fuel 1/4 tank (53 gal tank) I can muster 46.5 gps at 5400.   Under normal loading (another family of 2 adults and 2 kids) I can run 43 at 5100/5200 rpm.   Performance...
  7. Jb75

    Taylor made pontoon boat fender

    Anyone have any experience with the contoured Taylor made pontoon fenders.  New to toons and would like to protect the new boat as much as possible.  Any advice is welcome.  
  8. Jb75

    New member intro

    Name is Josh, and you guys helped me spend a lot of money.  I'm a novice boater and brand new to pontoons.  Spent about a year researching and bit the bullet last month.  Boat had a build date of 5/23 and the excitement is building.  I'll of course post pics when able and I'll be around with...