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    Yamaha’s Upgraded VMAX SHO

    Didn’t know if everyone had heard this or not so I figured I’d post this.
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    Ready for boating!

    Had lunch by the lake. Can’t wait for boating season! Any day now...
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    New boat is here!

    Finally got to meet my new addition to the family. She was ordered on October 24, born January 13th, and to the dealer by the end of the month. 26 LXL with ESP and Yamaha 300 digital (new updated 2021 motor) Exterior Ocean Blue exterior with metallic silver accent Sealed lifting strake Heavy...
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    Free Bennington merch for new boat owners

    Thought I would pass this along to everyone on the forum. Saturday, January 23, Bennington is doing a virtual boat show for the new model launch of 2021. You can sign up on their homepage. If you pre-register you are entered in for a drawing for $250 off of The Bennington Gear Store. Once you...
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    Best option/least needed option for a build

    With lots of people looking for a new boat for next year I thought it might be helpful for the seasoned veterans on this forum to share what option you feel was best on your boat build and what option you thought was good but you don't use or care about on your boat build. I have seen many say...
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    Anyone live near Rolla MO?

    Just curious if there is anyone on this forum near or in Rolla MO? Thanks!
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    Help with boat build

    Alright team, I need help with my boat build. I wanted to get the 26LXL ESP with a 300. By the time I add in all the features I wanted I'm only about $5,000 over budget. The wife about beat me when she saw MSRP (over $100,000) but I told her the final product wouldn't be that bad. I want to...
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    2021 Dash layout options

    As some one looking to order a 2021 LX I have been trying to find what a "standard" dash looks like and what the optional layouts are. I have not had much luck getting pictures or much info. I would really prefer a standard 3 gauge layout with speedometer (hard to find anymore), tach, and...
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    Flat ride on water VS. nose up tritoon ride

    First I want to say hello to everyone here. I am looking at purchasing my first (and hopefully last) Bennington over the fall/winter season so it is ready to go come spring time. I have been researching and reading this forum for some time now and everyone has very helpful and insightful...