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    Bennington prices?

    What I think is missing from this conversation is the acknowledgement that Bennington pontoon boats are a premium brand and thus, command a premium price. If someone wants to enter the boating market for less, it's easy. There are lots of companies selling boats in the $30K - $35K range. If you...
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    Bennington prices?

    Considering how I paid $10K for my first house back in 1980, I've long blown past that point! ;-)
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    Bennington Production Delays

    Holy hijack, Batman (I'm a guilty party, too). If y'all want a real estate thread, start one. If y'all want a dog thread, start one. Please leave this one to the original topic.
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    Bennington Production Delays

    But all this rapid appreciation in sales prices just kills the tax assessment on neighboring properties. At least in Michigan it does.
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    Bennington Production Delays

    Around here (small, quaint town in Northern Michigan on Lake Michigan) that seems to be 30-40% higher than last year.
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    Bennington Production Delays

    Isn't every "asking" price a "price opinion?" Some are just more informed than others.
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    Bennington Expands To New Facilities Adding Elkhart Jobs (Press Release)

    Best of luck in this next big step, BM. I read once that the county in which Elkhart is located posts some of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country. Hopefully, you'll get lots of motivated and talented applicants.
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    Bimini problem?

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    No boat show? No problem.

    No Boat Show, No Problem... Checkout Bennington's 2021 Virtual Showroom at See the newest features and models Bennington has to offer, including the all-new L series of boats. With over 30 minutes of videos featuring product experts stepping you...
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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    No problem. I did not know the stage of boat building you were in. Congrats on the new boat.
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    Ordered New Bennington 21SLX

    With the exception of the electronics, that's my boat. You will love it. It's a hot rod with the SPS and 150.
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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Do you know that for a fact?
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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    You need to do 2 things. #1 - read this info: #2 - search "power assist steering". Lots of previous discussions will turn up, including members who...
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    Leaking toon

    And they say the mod team is humorless! LOLOLOLOLOL.
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    Couple Questions: What’s This?

    No harm, no foul. There has just been a lot of great discussion here over nearly 10 years and I hate to see it buried and forgotten. The search function here isn't perfect, but with the right keywords, it uncovers much. Enjoy your new boat, funky fuel filler and all! PS: I've never had a...
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    Couple Questions: What’s This?

    A manual came with my boat specifically for it.
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    Couple Questions: What’s This?

    Rather than rehash a topic, use the search box and the keywords "Enviro fill" to read all the previous discussions.
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    What would you do in my situation?

    You need to give your dealer the time to work through this matter without worrying about the next steps. It would be pure speculation at this time. It sounds like they are willing to be your advocate. I am going to close this thread to future comments as they really serve no useful purpose at...
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    Overreving with 14P prop, dealer thinks it's right but Merc says that's too high.

    Yes, a shiny, black one. I don't recall the rpms, but they went down (a bit under recommended max) and my speed picked up 5 mph. My dealer didn't believe me because "we try several props and choose the right one." Of course that's a crock. They read a chart; who are they trying to kid? I had to...