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  1. Pittsburgh

    I Wish I Lived On The UP of Michigan :)

    The UP of Michigan is Beautiful During The Summer Only (LOL) More Importantly Is The Quality of Dealerships There Benny SL21 Just Came Home Today :) Unfortunately Oil on Carpet Parts Left on The Benny Jumper Cables and Screws A dirty interior I only spent 2093.00 this year on winterization...
  2. Pittsburgh

    Benny Benny Benny

    Another Boating Season Has Come To An End Another Large Surprise At Years End 2014 Bennington SL21 Pick Up and Redelivery Using My Trailer 2014 Bennington SL21 Deluxe Pontoon Pkg Two Tube 2014 Bennington SL21 Tilt and Trim Not Working / Repair TOTAL $2093.61...
  3. Pittsburgh

    Goodbye To Benny Till 2020

    Said Goodbye To Benny as The Season Has Ended For Me Here In Ohio As we can all understand we are always looking for a better ease of operation I am interested in a Double Bimini Automated to use as top and cover Asked Dealer for a price Does 10,000.00 Sound Reasonable I decided to...
  4. Pittsburgh

    Benny On Its Way, After A Long Winter

    A Bit late this year due to some heavy rain, but Benny is on it's way from its winter home of Akron. We like Benny to look his Best after a long winter storage. With a cleaning throughout from toons to interior it should be showroom new. I never mind doing the cleaning throughout the season but...
  5. Pittsburgh

    Here We Go Again ?

    Last year in The Pittsburgh Tri-State we had more rainfall than any other time in Recorded History !! Last year we were only able to get on Benny a total of four times due to rain and life in general. This year so far we are already over last years total for May !! Benny will be delivered on...
  6. Pittsburgh

    New Bennington

    I just got a HUGE WAKE UP CALL !! Our Benny is at The Preferred Dealer due to the winter season. I gave a call to make some arrangements for delivery in spring. Was asked if I would be interested in a New Bennington Who would say No ? So the process began by phone. Refresher for everyone .. I...
  7. Pittsburgh

    Winterizing Package ---- WOW

    It must be me :eek: Have owned the Benny for 3 Years now , BUT I never seem to acclimate to the costs Unfortunately I live 120 miles from the Desired Dealer My hesitation not to pull the trailer that far is getting costly, which makes me think it is time to put a hitch on my vehicle and haul...
  8. Pittsburgh

    Replacing Outboard Oil Seals

    I did a search on all forums using the keywords shown in Title and found ZERO listings!!! Have To Say I Am Shocked. I have a 2014 Bennington SL21 with a Yeasu 90hp 4 stroke engine unfortunately I tried to take the boat out today only the 5th time this season and after starting engine we I...
  9. Pittsburgh

    Pictures From The Lake

  10. Pittsburgh

    Father's Day Weekend

    Let's hear your plans and see your pic's Weather today is amazing here at The Lake Plans family and friends at The Lake Enjoying The Benny, BBQ's , Campfires and Cabin Activities For The Younger Group (lol) Wishing Everyone A ... From Our Lake To Your's :)
  11. Pittsburgh

    Cleaning The Uphostery

    We all know or have heard of 303 , without question the most used upholstery cleaner on this forum with amazing results. Unfortunately for me it is not easily accessible unless if purchased online. As retail establishments close nationwide I go out of my way to buy from a Brick and Mortar...
  12. Pittsburgh

    Boating Season Has Arrived In The North East

    After a long winter, Boating Season Is Officially Here :) Had Benny delivered and placed at The Dock and found a couple of problems once agian. Fortunately all small issues I can live with!! (1) Boat once again had mice during storage. (2) Though cleaned pontoons and interior , delivered with...
  13. Pittsburgh

    Forever Young

  14. Pittsburgh

    For Newbies and Future Owners

    There are many things to consider when you purchase your Benny new or used but especially USED, Many of my friends say I just got a great deal on a Used or New Boat Their happiness sometimes is short lived when reality sets in I had a friend of mine purchase a boat on one of our rivers but he...
  15. Pittsburgh

    Cabin Fever Has Me Dreaming of Summer

    Only 3 more months for May to begin and the milder temperatures to take hold. Can't wait to be outside enjoying the warm sun - rays and the countless possibilities.
  16. Pittsburgh


    January 12th – 14th January 19th – 21st The Weather Is A Problem Again (lol) Sat 18° 4° Sun 19° 5° Thursday Was 60 F Unfortunately Saturday Morning we will have 9 inches of Snow here at The Lake Southerners have a huge advantage when it comes to Boat Shows and Boating Season (LOL)
  17. Pittsburgh

    Happy Thanksgiving To Our Bennington Family

    Wishing All A Happy Thanksgiving From Pittsburgh Enjoy Family, Friends and Amazing Food Dream of An Early Start To Boating Season
  18. Pittsburgh

    Drone Photos

    We all know these things can take away our freedom, invade our privacy and make us laughing stocks - victims on facebook and youtube!! Honestly I have never been a fan of them being available to the general public because so many have abused the technology in ways I didn't care for. 
  19. Pittsburgh

    Shopping Online

    Well everything gets old but I really never used it much (lol) The telescoping hook that you pull yourself in to the dock It no longer works , got it with the boat new  I am now looking to buy a new one  Good News  Relatively Inexpensive Top of The Line 35.00 
  20. Pittsburgh

    Cleats On Pontoon

    As a Seasoned Bennington Owner  I will not over - react this time (lol) My Boat was delivered and as usual brought to my dock and secured.  I paid for winterizing, pontoon cleaning, etc. and delivery  The delivery personnel left Upon inspection of "Benny" I couldn't help but...