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  1. Jb75

    RPM and Speed when cornering towing tube?

    excellent advice by all the above but I’m with cldave. Move the big boys to the back of the boat when towing and see if it hooks up better. That’s cheaper than any other option.
  2. Jb75

    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    Step one for improved cornering. Drop motor to lowest position. I’ve had mine raised one hole and there is a difference. It’s back down now as I like thumping my kids on the tube. Do that first as you already have the prop in place. That doesn’t work, SWS II
  3. Jb75

    Prop Suggestion

    Get a credit for the cost difference. The lexor is a copy of the SWS II props so should give close to the same performance. The solas props are known for being a higher pitch than stamped (or very efficient, not much slip). I have a 15 1/2 x 17 that behaves like a 19 pitch. But good prop...
  4. Jb75

    2016 model deck stains , what to do ? Is a common problem with Bennington ?

    I’d try a power washer and some dawn dish soap
  5. Jb75

    Lake Lanier GA / Lake Hartwell SC Suggestion

    The little bar/outdoor dining area at Big Water is fun. Ride over to the Local (by water) on Wednesday night. Not sure when it starts or if it’s year round but they have 5$ burger night and karaoke. In the summer it’s usually pretty interesting. The best restaurant on the lake is The Galley...
  6. Jb75

    Opportunity to use a lift....

    I’m thinking you’d be fine without (we own the nicest pontoon boat on the market) but I’d still investigate the cost of adding the additional support for the center log. Keep us posted
  7. Jb75

    LX23 or LX24?

    24 feet with a mercury 450. With every option available. There. I saved everyone else from having to make a recommendation. We love to spend others money here. seriously if the 24 is in your budget I’d buy the longer boat. the lakes are only getting rougher and rougher with these...
  8. Jb75

    New Yamaha Prop - SWS II HP

    I agree to a point. Although 14.25 is a little on the small side an 18p prop spinning at 5500 on a hull like ours is not too shabby. I’ve run a 15 1/4 by 18p and a 151/2 by 17 solas and couldn’t really turn either past 5400(18) and 55/5600 (17). Can bounce my 151/2 by 16 off the rev...
  9. Jb75

    New Yamaha Prop - SWS II HP

    I’m guessing that is a reliance prop? I think that is your problem. 250/300 need the swsII or go enertia/hub change and I think you’ll be happier
  10. Jb75

    New boat

    Congrats. Looks like a great build. Pics mandatory when delivered
  11. Jb75

    Taking delivery soon and have a prop question

    Yamaha SWS II 15.5 x 16 or 15.5 x17. I have a gsr 2250 with ESP and VF 250. Have run all the above on my boat (solas Lexor 17, sws 18, sws 17. The 16 is slightly slower 48ish but better bite for pulling skiers and tubes. Solas is efficient but the sds hub on the Yamaha props is much...
  12. Jb75

    I have only had the issue on one seat and have a new one sitting in my garage from Bennington...

    I have only had the issue on one seat and have a new one sitting in my garage from Bennington. Everything else on my boat looks fine so not sure if that seat being in the back of the boat took more of a beating or not. They didn’t give me any trouble replacing it and if have any more tearing...
  13. Jb75

    Uh oh - Dimensions for boat lift - will it fit?

    Mine will fit in the up(not open) and also when lowered into the trailering position.
  14. Jb75

    Uh oh - Dimensions for boat lift - will it fit?

    I don’t have the dimensions you need but can tell you on my ‘16 model the playpen cover will NOT go on with the Bimini open.
  15. Jb75

    New Boat Inspection

    Hartwell ski, if you are on Lake Hartwell and your dealer is marine max (formerly hall marine) Greenville the above advise is great, but you will have very little trouble with the dealer. That met are fantastic to work with and in my experience very customer oriented. Enjoy the boat. See...
  16. Jb75

    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    Get ahold of Alicedream. Think he has an R with 300.
  17. Jb75

    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    Not a 300 owner (250 sho). You’ll need a 15 1/2 x 16 or 17 pitch SWS II.
  18. Jb75

    Flat ride on water VS. nose up tritoon ride

    2250 gsr here with esp and Yamaha 250. Boat doesn’t ride perfectly level but I’ve never even considered a potential for reduced visibility due to bow rise. No one has ever mentioned anything about it either. Boat rides flat and having driven both sps (200hp) and esp (250) I think the esp...
  19. Jb75

    R23 ski pylon

    You’ll be fine. If I haven’t damaged mine in 5 yrs.....
  20. Jb75


    Considering to PADS. Anyone have some insight on watersports (skiing specifically) behind the dual engine bennys?