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    No boat show? No problem.

    No Boat Show, No Problem... Checkout Bennington's 2021 Virtual Showroom at See the newest features and models Bennington has to offer, including the all-new L series of boats. With over 30 minutes of videos featuring product experts stepping you...
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    Last boating day of a most unusual season... and some shocking numbers... YIKES

    Yesterday was the day. My daughter, SIL and 2 grandkids were hoping for one final boat ride of the season. Despite the grey seen in the first photo, as you can see from the smiles, it was huge fun. The sun peeked out a bit for the second photo and it was taken after they were in the chilly...
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    We have officially moved into a new phase of boating with children (photo inside)

    If you boat with children, you will be able to relate to our adventure and boating with young children is ALWAYS an adventure. Spending the day on the water while juggling naps, meals, potty stops (or those dreaded swim diapers) and meltdowns are usually part of the deal. Plus, there is that...
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    A man, his boat and a beautiful July sunset...

    That is all!
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    Mercury Marine unveils their "Prop Demo Program" lots of helpful info here

    Check it out!
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    So long, Evinrude, it's been good to know ya!
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    Heads up, Michigan boaters.... new order affects motorized boats

    This newest order affects us differently than the previous. Stay Home - Stay...
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    Got to get up and personal with the new bowrider model at the boat show this week - my observations and photos inside

    There was an R-series bowrider at my boat show and I was able to spend some time looking it over. All in all, it's a very nice boat. The interior (this one in two-tone grey) was very nicely done. I really like it. I crawled under the bow best I could to see the understructure. It's hard to see...
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    We've previously discussed the Bennington center console fishing model. Here are some photos...

    I wasn't sure if anyone has posted photos of this model yet. Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.
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    I'd love a black Corvette with red interior. But on a Bennington? Hmm...

    I found these photos on Facebook. Looks to be a 2020 QX. Thoughts on the color combo?
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    WOW! I sure love this red and white interior

    This was on Bennington's Facebook page today. I'm a huge fan of red. Glad to see bright colors coming back to Bennington. I am in love.
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    New for 2020... Integrated V-Hull™Performance Package

    Originally, I found reference to this at Bennington's Facebook page and found the following details at their website. Looks promising. "But there's more to the R-Series Bowrider than just an entirely redesigned interior space. We wanted a boat that would also deliver uncompromising performance...
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    I created a new Vessel View discussion, details inside

    Mercury had a sale going in Spring 2019 for the Vessel View module. I assume there are people here who bought it at a great price (45% off). So far, I have been less than impressed. I set up a specific discussion area here at the club to discuss this device, pros and cons. Feel free to post...
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    Mercury Vessel View discussion thread

    I thought I would start a separate thread about the Vessel View device and software. I assume lots of folks bought this when it was on sale in the spring of 2019. Thus far, I have been less than impressed. I figured we can discuss this device here and maybe help each other out. My biggest beef...
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    Reminder: Here's the link to our comprehensive power-assisted steering wiki

    This topic comes up a lot. There is a new contribution today. Please note: This is NOT a conversational topic. Please contribute technical information ONLY. The general topic an be discussed at the "Pontoon" or the "Technical" sub-forums...
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    Good Samaritan towing thread; have you towed or been towed off the lake?

    Our boating adventure yesterday ended with towing some folks off the lake as their older pontoon wouldn't start. It was nearing sundown and they had a full boat, including a very fresh newborn. Our boat, too, was full, but fortunately, the kids on board our boat had been, and continued to be...
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    Anyone else having trouble getting used to white Mercury outboards?

    These play tricks with my mind. I love the QX Sport model, however.
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    Flashback to 3 years ago this month. A new boat for me!

    In May of 2016, I had already visited the factory to see my boat being built. I got teased as "a weakling" by the guy installing the power steering pump as he remarked that I was the first to order power steering on a 21' boat! A couple weeks later, I was cruising past the dealer's lot daily...
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    New Verado for me... which one?

    Anyone care to weigh in?
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    I saw this bad boy hanging off the stern of a Benny yesterday

    It was at the Grand Rapids, Michigan boat show. Mmm...