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  1. FightinIrish

    Best boat lift recommendations ?

    I just bought a 5000lb ShoreMaster with tritoon kit, canopy and hand crank. Had a lot of trouble finding any used ones online (CT and NY). neither boat nor hoist have arrived yet though. They're expensive but worth protecting the investment (boats are investments, right!?)
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    Perfect thanks!
  3. FightinIrish


    Anyone else with advice how to get a Bennington sticker for a vehicle? I searched top right and lots of posts from years ago saying they were sent in a welcome packet of sorts. Anywhere to buy them online? Thanks
  4. FightinIrish

    New boat... Accessories time!

    I didn't see cold beer on your list...happy to give specific product recommendations if needed! curious about the spray sunscreens...still problematic for Simtex once dried on skin? Any specific brands you may recommend that are "simtex safe"? Thanks
  5. FightinIrish

    Production delays II

    I just inquired with my dealer in NY who said yes, a 2 week delay for now on all loads. I ordered in October for an April 12 build date, hopefully built by end of April at this point. Curious if others have similar delays
  6. FightinIrish

    General maintenance question

    Thanks all! I did not order the Sharkhide. People seem to really love it on here, but my dealer wasn’t too keen on it and says it can really look bad if spots are missed and it will accentuate the water line on the toons as he said the water will remove it? I’m still contemplating doing it...
  7. FightinIrish

    Maui Mat Hauling

    Looks awesome! I’m definitely going to try to do that before they put mine on when it arrives. I have the Smokey granite with golden emerald accent panels with blackout package including the new blackout ladder. If you have any pics of a different angle I’d love to see them
  8. FightinIrish

    General maintenance question

    My 23SSRCX is set to arrive in late April and I’m hoping that we bought our last boat first! I obviously want to keep it in great shape and was hoping you all could let me know your rituals to help keep your boats in top shape, and perhaps including some product names if warranted. I know there...
  9. FightinIrish

    Maui Mat Hauling

    VitiminJ do you have a picture of your black powder coat ski bar? Where did you have that done? And is it easy to take off yourself? Thanks
  10. FightinIrish

    Need advice on first pontoon

    Welcome PorscheJeff. I just ordered my first Bennington (23SSRCX with SPS and 175VMAX), arriving in April, so my comment is really based on my (far too many hours) reading on this forum. I think that with a 25ft boat with 6-10 people loaded while towing a tuber, you will feel that a 115 isn't...
  11. FightinIrish

    Trailer Options for 30Qx30 (10'-wide)?

    We’re next door on Owasco Lake...I’m sure your QX30 will impress at the sand bar on our north end!
  12. FightinIrish

    LX23 or LX24?

    I ordered back in October but I didn't need the boat until April/May so my dealer tells me I am scheduled to be delivered in early April. Hasn't been built yet though. Hoping everything is on schedule including the VMAX 175.
  13. FightinIrish

    Blackout Package vs. Regular Rail Style

    My boat hasn't been built yet, so I asked my dealer to add/substitute the blackout ladder to my build specs. It lists the MSRP on the Bennington website build as $217. No charge for install per se as it will be incorporated into the build at the factory. I'm not sure if you can just buy a new...
  14. FightinIrish

    Boat lift bunk lengths

    Interesting, thanks. I spoke with an employee at ShoreMaster and he told me the 10/11/10 ft bunks are totally fine for a 24ft boat. The max they even sell are 14ft bunks, which isn't even close to 75% of most average sized pontoons. I wonder/hope the Bennington service rep is being overly...
  15. FightinIrish

    Blackout Package vs. Regular Rail Style

    Just a heads up that it seems they added a "blackout ladder " as an additional option in 2021. I ordered back in October for an April delivery and my dealer was just able to add it on for me! Excited for it to really complete that blackout look.
  16. FightinIrish

    Boat lift bunk lengths

    Hi all. I'm looking at a ShoreMaster 5000lb lift for my upcoming 23ssrcx tritoon and the kit seems to have 10ft aluminum/vinyl outer bunks and an 11ft middle bunk. Does that seem long enough? Seems that the boats sit on 4 cinder blocks all winter at the marina so I'm sure the 10ft bunks are...
  17. FightinIrish

    Ceramic coating.

    I would also love to know these answers and will add a third does one apply the Sharkhide to the areas which are in contact with the trailer bunks?? Thanks!
  18. FightinIrish

    Ceramic coating.

    What quantity of Sharkhide do you need to cover a 23ft tritoon with a couple coats ? Reading this has me convinced I should put it on when my new boat arrives in April before it even hits the water. Also is there any downside to it? Any discoloration if I don't do it correctly? Thanks
  19. FightinIrish

    Bennington Virtual Product Launch

    I registered over a week ago. I got a confirmation email but no link on how to attend. The “link” just takes me back to the registration page again...
  20. FightinIrish

    New Member

    Did your order acknowledgement come from your dealer or the factory?